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A quick view of phillips's recent activity.


    This one really sucks me in and holds my attention..outstanding luminous and , almost, 3d quality.

    Love it

    • 31 Dec 2011 9:51PM
  • Chaffinch

    All comes together here with the pose, focus pinpoint on the eye, feather detail and a great background. Tail is out of focus due to the wide aperture but I think that's a price worth paying for the overall effect.

    Yer Man
    • 15 Nov 2011 7:16AM
  • Clyde churn

    This is getting overlooked as you really have to see it large to appreciate it.
    Composition, choice of shutter speed and exposure combine to a powerful image of water....out of the dark comes light.
    Good stuff.

    Yer Man
    • 9 Nov 2011 7:03AM
  • Loch Tay

    Simple, strong and effective

    • 7 Nov 2011 8:53PM
  • Llangors Sunrise

    Atmospheric...good stuff.

    You might want to have a look at cleaning up your dust bunnies though.

    • 7 Nov 2011 8:45PM
  • Abbie

    Welcome back aboard......and what a cracker to start with.

    Keep it up.

    Yer Man
    • 7 Nov 2011 8:41PM
  • Wanna Ride?

    Certainly had me fooled...war weary look is great.

    The absence of chocks on the wheels eventually gave it it.

    • 15 Oct 2011 9:20PM
  • Thanks for taking the time to come back and comment on my Hogmanay picture. The feedback is much appreciated coming from somebody with a portfolio of such outstanding quality.

  • Thanks for your encouraging comment tonight Doug. Coming from somebody with a portfolio of your quality it is hugely appreciated. All the best.

  • You've got some bonny photos here Maddie.

    • Posted on Maddie's profile
    • 14 Aug 2006 5:28PM
  • Tremendous portfolio Adam.
    Perfect Storm and the Sky shots are truly outstanding.

  • One of the strongest portfolios on Epz.

    • Posted on angej's profile
    • 16 Feb 2007 7:58PM