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06/08/2010 - 7:35 AM

Adorable Fern

Adorable FernA lovely set, it's amazing how long a hat can keep a child entertained.
I have offered a mod on V1 for your consideration: cropped to remove the distracting part to the left and place the eyes on a third; adjusted white balance; added contrast via curves; brightened and sharpened the eyes.
I hope you approve.
03/08/2010 - 1:16 PM

Beach Portrait

Beach PortraitI love the way this works, the grass either side and the path all lead the eye to the boy. Really well spotted and composed. As said above this may look better if the subject was on a third and so I have uploaded a mod to demonstrate this. I also made the sky more blue and applied unsharp mask to help sharpen up the boy.
As Focus_Man has suggested set your camera to spot focus then place the boy's head in the middle of the AF frame in your viewfinder and press the shutter button halfway. This locks the focus and allows you to move the camera to compose the image how you want it. Press the button fully and your subject will be in focus no matter where it is in the frame.
01/08/2010 - 4:58 PM

Man in Limbo

Man in LimboHi Devlin, good shot, another great character and yes he does look like he is in his own world. The subject occupies the right part of the frame and the colours are strong (could possibly boost contrast a tad in curves). I do feel though that a wider aperture would have yielded a better result and made the man stand out more against a blurred background. If you have time maybe you could try 2 or 3 shots at different apertures and then decide which you prefer.
Great work though, keep it up as it's a refreshing change to see this sort of thing on epz.
30/07/2010 - 7:40 PM

Hover Fly

Hover FlyI feel you are doing better than you think. The fly is incredibly sharp which is the important thing. The composition doesn't quite work for me though and I feel that a crop to place the subject in the bottom third would improve things. I have offered a mod to that effect but would be very interested to see what others do as I have my doubts about my mod. I would definitely stick at it as you are clearly doing some things very well. It would be a good idea to post your camera settings for the more experienced guys to offer better critique.
29/07/2010 - 11:26 PM

Sika Deer 1039

Sika Deer 1039A very good shot indeed with a nice pose and good eye contact. I have offered a mod that basically cleans the image up a bit. First I cropped to try and place the head closer to the upper left third. Then I cloned out the fly, grass and a few blemishes at the top. Like Wheeliebug I desaturated the neck a little.
I hope this meets with your approval.
27/07/2010 - 10:36 PM

Building a Nest

Building a NestHi Dave, I love the composition here, apart from the feet, as you have the body central but the head placed nicely on a third with good eye contact. I do find it a little under exposed though. I have offered a mod for your consideration where I have cropped the bottom and 2 sides then corrected the exposure in levels & curves.
I hope this meets with your approval.
27/07/2010 - 7:06 AM


GrimaudHi JE I really do like this as is but am compelled to have a go at a mod. First I corrected the levels as the histogram fell short at the RHS. I then cropped top and bottom to make it more panoramic and focus on the more interesting parts of the scene. Finished off with a touch of unsharp mask.
Hope you like.
27/07/2010 - 6:55 AM

Misty in Lake District

Misty in Lake DistrictHi Diane, this is a lovely scene and there is a sense of an impending downpour. As Paul suggests it could do with a slight contrast boost. If you look at the histogram it falls a fair bit short at either end. I have therefore corrected this in levels to make the blacks blacker and whites whiter. If I had more time I may have cloned out the branch in the bottom right as I find it a touch distracting.
Hope you like the mod.
23/07/2010 - 3:58 PM

I'm Going To Try Birds Instead

I'm Going To Try Birds InsteadThis is a good start indeed but I feel it needs a bit of contrast boost to make it stand out more from the background. I have therefore offered 2 mods for your consideration: the first is a curves adjustment plus desaturation of the background; on the second I have applied a Topaz filter.
Hope you like,
22/07/2010 - 3:42 PM

Kids in the Ruins

Kids in the RuinsHi Devlin, really good shot in V1 that captures the scene well. I have done a quick mod to give the colours a slight boost in curves and then sharpened just a tad. In V2 the colour popping has been executed very well and complements the image. V3 appears distorted through stretching the image.
21/07/2010 - 7:11 PM

Seaweed sunset

Seaweed sunsetHi Ryan,

This is a truly wonderful composition: love the cliff in the upper left; crack in the rocks leading the eye from the seaweed; and of course that great sky. As already pointed out the fg is underexposed and out of focus. F2.8 seems a very wide aperture for this kind of shot. I would suggest trying f8 and focusing about a third into the scene. It's digital so why not try a variety of apertures and see what works best.
Great work though and I hope we get to see more.
16/07/2010 - 4:53 PM

High Rise Pano

High Rise PanoI have yet to try a panorama but you seemed to have pulled it off very well. As you haven't done any processing yourself I have offered a mod for your consideration. The verticals are clearly way off so I have straightened using Transform\Distort in PS Elements 7. I then corrected the under exposure (histogram fell short of RHS) and boosted contrast in curves. I then gave the sky a bit of a lift by selectively increasing contrast with levels. Finished off by sharpening.
I hope this meets with your approval.
14/07/2010 - 8:57 AM

Ready for the Jump!

Ready for the Jump!An excellent set of images Lillian, I wish I had the opportunity to snap these gorgeous animals. I have had a go at a mod on V1 but it was basically the same as I did with your tiger so I tried V2 instead. I felt that there was too much space to the right and the image needed straightening due to the fence in the background. I then used a curves adjustment to boost the contrast. As a thumbnail I think my mod looks good but viewed full it is evident that the file size is too small. If you like it then maybe you could have a go on your full size version and get a better result. Thanks for allowing mods as it gives me an opportunity to "play".
20/06/2010 - 8:58 PM

Ronda Balcony

Ronda BalconyWell spotted this does make a really good image. I am still very much a learner and I find it useful to try and modify other people's work. I hope you don't mind and like the result. I have straightened the image, cropped the left to lose the central composition, cropped the top slightly due to straightening and the bottom to lose the cables. I have also boosted contrast, via curves, to enhance the textures.
Cheers, Phil