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A quick view of philorme's recent activity.

  • Heron Fly One

    Superb Capture, well done!
    • 21 Feb 2013 2:11AM
  • Take off!!!

    Great shot of my favourite Aircraft. I had the pleasure of working on these for a very short time....amazing
    • 8 Aug 2010 9:18PM
  • Chocks-away!

    I agree a bit tight on the crop but,,,, it is a Lancaster
    • 8 Aug 2010 9:15PM
  • Eagle Owl #2

    Amazing. great shot you should be proud of this one.
    • 20 Jun 2010 10:13PM
  • Puffin Flight

    Superb capture. well done.
    • 20 Jun 2010 10:11PM
  • A Perfect Match!

    Superb colours and a beautiful capture.
    • 20 Jun 2010 9:40AM
  • Lilac Breasted Roller in flight

    Superb capture well done
    • 15 Jun 2010 10:18PM
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  • No topics found.
  • I love your work Marian. I am new to wildlife hving previously prefered landscapes. Seeing your work has really given me the inspiration to do more wildlife and animal shots.
    • Posted on Marian's profile
    • 29 Mar 2006 11:06PM
  • Your work is always superb. Having never tried this kind of shot, how do you black out the background.
    • Posted on sunshot's profile
    • 29 Mar 2006 11:12PM
  • PS. would love any pointers or advice you can offer.
    • Posted on Marian's profile
    • 29 Mar 2006 11:07PM