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A quick view of photofrenzy's recent activity.

  • Paddys Hole Redcar

    Wink thank you
    • 7 Feb 2018 10:07PM
  • Monument Valley Southern Utah USA

    Thanks guys . This is the light you get in the beginning of March. Around 6 pm. I noticed the local Navajo's staring at the sky when I was on a shop . When I came outside I looked to see what they were looking at and it was the colour of the rocks. I had finished shooting for the day but made a note of the time I took this shot the day after
    • 26 Nov 2017 8:44PM
  • Monument Valley Utah USA

    The trip was planned i was at Monument Valley for ten days so i knew exactly what time the sun set, first few attempts were a bit too late when the light shows everything as a blood red but still amazing . This was taken between 5-6 pm in the evening march 2006
    • 1 May 2016 5:11PM
  • Wasdale pano no2

    Top Job . Exposure is absolutely spot on and pin sharp . Nice 1
    • 29 Apr 2016 10:34PM
  • Rannoch Moor & Paddys Hole

    Hi TG thanks and to everyone for the comments, The reason i worked on this was several years ago when i first started visiting scotland i camped at Loch Leven campsite the lock is on a tidal basin and goes in and out with the sea tides. several moths after shooting at paddys hole i started playing around with several images and was wondering in how many years time the level of Kinloch Leven would rise with the rising sea levels , I was curious to see what rannoch moor would look like if it ever flooded to the point of a Disaster so started stitching the images together , There is approximately 10 composites stacked on top of each other in various parts of the picture and took several days to complete. It may not be real but i think looking at this image to me just embeds just how selfish the human race is towards our own planet and climate change. This in actual fact could be the future image of Rannoch Moor if we do not change our habits.

    Thanks for enjoying the image


    • 20 Mar 2016 10:59AM
  • my norway

    Simply put AWESOME
    • 16 Mar 2016 11:18PM
  • Farmhouse Kitchen

    Thank you guys for the comments cheers Kev..
    • 7 Mar 2016 10:48PM
  • thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the images thanks .