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  • Tomb Raider

    Thanks all
    • 8 Nov 2009 11:53PM
  • Tomb Raider 2

    Thanks very much all. Thought having her come through a portal would be slightly more interesting than a switch operated door Carlos Smile
    • 8 Nov 2009 6:42PM
  • waiting tables

    Wonderful mono conversion, and i can just make out a hint of some added grunge scratches, which I think work very well in this image.

    • 19 Oct 2009 10:56PM
  • A road runs through it.

    Thanks both
    • 19 Oct 2009 2:50PM
  • Portal

    Did get to sleep eventually Chris around 4.30 a.m. Must pop back to the clyne again sometime myself, great place to chill out with a camera. You're right Carlos the idea for the symbols did come from SG1, haven't seen any of the Atlantis ones though, will have to check that series out sometime.
    • 19 Oct 2009 2:49PM
  • Porcelain

    Love the toning in this, and the crop works very well.

    • 24 Jun 2009 9:52PM
  • Angelina

    A merging between Abstract and Glamour with some excellent layer blending, 'tis a beautiful image Smile .

    All the best Richard.
    • 15 Jun 2009 12:27AM
  • On the threshold....

    A great shot and very nice use of the available light from the doorway, although I think the vignette might be a tad too strong. I'm guessing you're using the eliptical tool to create the vignette, If your using CS2, there's a built in vignette tool that not a lot of people know about, it can be found under filter/distort/lens corection, just drag the vignette slider a wee bit to the left and repeat if you want it to be darker, I personally think it gives better results than the selection tools. Also if you're interested I know a technique to create colour vignettes using this tool, if you'd like to know how just p.m. me.

    • 14 Jun 2009 1:49AM
  • Spiral drops

    Wonderful set of images, very well done Smile

    • 14 Jun 2009 1:27AM
  • Blueye Egghead

    Great fun image Smile

    • 14 Jun 2009 1:24AM
  • Serenity

    Outstanding and very well put together.

    • 12 Jun 2009 10:09PM
  • The Moon

    Clever, artistic and it.

    • 11 Jun 2009 10:25PM
  • 'Ars Gratia Artis'

    My kind of Gallery, wonderful snapshot Sarah.

    • 10 Jun 2009 7:58PM
  • Darter's Eye 2

    Excellent macro Dennis, good luck with the T-shirts.

    • 9 Jun 2009 9:33PM
  • Mumbles Pier and Life boat station

    Thanks all, and thankyou jennie, If I ever renew my membership in the future which will allow mods, perhaps then you could show me what you've done. You are right though it still needs tweaking, I just haven't been with it lately, must be the weather.
    • 8 Jun 2009 1:04PM
  • swan lake

    Beautiful work

    • 1 Jun 2009 4:54PM
  • Classics

    Very nice bit of selective colouring

    • 1 Jun 2009 4:53PM
  • Audi A4 Cabriolet - Stuart G Loch Photography

    Very nicely done, excellent work

    • 7 May 2009 11:40PM
  • The Brides

    I like what you've done in V1, but in your processing - you've lost quite a bit of detail that was in the original image in V2. Version 3 works very well as a mono, but I think it could do with a wee bit more contrast, and some d&b to highlight the dress,eyes,tiaras and flowers more to give it that little bit more impact.
    • 7 May 2009 11:26PM
  • Christmas Wreath -2

    I think both are wonderful, very nice work

    • 11 Dec 2008 11:40PM
  • Happy Christmas Everybody

    Wonderful manipulation, Merry Christmas to you too!

    • 10 Dec 2008 10:18PM
  • Mongolian Horseman

    Outstanding capture and excellent timing

    • 6 Dec 2008 11:13PM
  • photostrip

    Brilliant, sure your friend will agree.

    • 5 Dec 2008 12:53AM
  • Read very carefully!

    well this has brightened up my day, wonderful fun image Smile

    • 22 Nov 2008 9:07PM
  • My New Book

    Great idea and very cleverly done.

    • 22 Nov 2008 8:46PM
  • F o r g o t t e n

    Excellent work

    • 10 Nov 2008 1:47AM
  • The Invincible Army

    Excellent work.

    • 10 Nov 2008 1:43AM
  • Forest Witch

    Wonderfully put together, great job.

    • 9 Nov 2008 2:24AM
  • More playing

    Like them both, very nice work

    • 9 Nov 2008 2:20AM
  • Read me III.

    Excellent work and so very cleverly done.

    • 9 Nov 2008 2:15AM