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A quick view of PhotographicHuman's recent activity.

  • the searh for dinner

    this is wicked, nicely placed and captured, perfect Smile but where'd you find a random wolf?
    • 9 Aug 2010 9:43AM
  • Jersey Tiger

    you sure do like butterflies....

    great macro by the way Smile
    • 8 Aug 2010 3:09PM
  • The Snow

    you really captured the falling snow, and the snowy english countryside. nice oneee (:
    • 8 Aug 2010 2:47PM
  • Snail

    ahh i love photographing snails they are wicked!!! Grin and you have lots of time to place the shot, this is a good photo nice use of DoF Smile i neverr knew they could get so highhh Tongue
    • 8 Aug 2010 2:46PM
  • Two trees

    i think that this photo would be perfect if you could somehow fit in the top of the left tree, but i'm a bit of a perfectionist so it might just be me being picky. i don't know, but yeah very nice, i've wanted to take a picture focused on some trees with like a clear background. good photo anyway Smile
    • 8 Aug 2010 2:44PM
  • Ladybird on a leaf.

    veryy coool Smile nicely placed.
    • 8 Aug 2010 2:38PM
  • Close up

    i love your eyes... you remind me of my girlfriend. oh and yeah, good self portrait, sorry i went bit off subject Tongue yeh anyway it's hard to work out whether i like this photo because you're pretty or because how it's done...
    • 8 Aug 2010 2:33PM

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