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A quick view of photopharm's recent activity.

  • Where to Dig?

    Thanks Martin,
    • 15 Sep 2006 12:30AM
  • ? fish

    Interesting catch. I like the colours and the composition. Might be some sort of hatchet fish?
    • 14 Sep 2006 11:48PM
  • Extraction

    Wow Martin, you really have an imagination if you can build a photo from such things! I'm very impressed. Fooled me, I thought it was somewhere damp and nasty Smile
    • 12 May 2006 11:48AM
  • Robin (ducks and runs)

    Thanks all you robin fans!
    • 4 Mar 2006 10:11AM
  • Strelitzia in neon

    Thanks Simon, not my usual sort of thing at all, but interesting how it turned out. I know lots of the members will be saying it isn't a photo, but it's certainly light and colour!
    • 2 Mar 2006 12:48AM
  • Mykonos Door

    Hi Martin, sorry I've been away from EPZ for a while. I love this, especially the richness of the tones and the composition.
    • 29 Jan 2008 11:27PM
  • Loch Tulla

    I love the way you have caught the light, Doug, and the composistion is super. Hope you are both well,
    • 14 Aug 2006 8:03AM
  • Tom, you have a fine portfolio that really shows how it should be done.
    • Posted on Tom_H's profile
    • 21 Jan 2006 2:18PM
  • Greg, your portfolio is a tremendous inspiration to so many of us. Thank you for an amazing year of fantastic bird photos and for your help during the year. I hope you had a good time over the holidays, and that 2006 will be a good year for you.
    • Posted on glazzaro's profile
    • 31 Dec 2005 11:13PM