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  • tree in the eye by Rhino

    Love it....very refreshing
    • 5 Aug 2008 11:28PM
  • Bee Flower by AlexisM

    It's very sweet. You may have pushed yr gear to its limitations though. But it is a lovely image.
    • 5 Aug 2008 11:27PM
  • lodore falls 2 by peterboyce

    • 5 Aug 2008 11:25PM
  • Thinking by EnigmaPhoto

    ok, that is interesting. I was drawn immediately to the face, the amazing expression and the superb lighting...then I read 'knee' and 'boot'. Hmmm. Not sure. Well, I love it.
    • 5 Aug 2008 11:24PM
  • Sunrise by SRC15

    Might be worth just checking your horizon as it looks a bit on the slide...other than that, fab image.
    • 6 Jun 2008 11:59PM
  • Vroom! by AnnaBanana

    This is gorgeous. I can see why guys love cars.
    • 6 Jun 2008 11:56PM
  • AAAAAAAAAA!! by expertlyamature

    Is that a cat on her shoulder or is she just pleased to see you?
    • 6 Jun 2008 11:33PM
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  • Selling to large hotel??

    Well hes had his question answered, hey Quiff why not put up some pics so we can see what we are talking about, you ve had a few months being pro now so lets see some of ...
    by quiffboy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 24
  • Upixa Photo Library

    And Upixa's?...which is the site in question
    by Phillbri | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 6
  • Work together?

    Ian, I am also in Southampton and run an on-line library. The library is getting approx 170,000 clicks a month (all those links are paying off!) and if you would like...
    by custardcanvas | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on ZenTog's profile

    Thanks for letting me know. Nick
    • 23 Jan 2006 1:22AM
  • Posted on ZenTog's profile

    Paul, did you get my e-mail through P-u-Want? I tried sending you one to AOL from Lycos but it kept bouncing. The answer was 'yes'. Can you just let me know if you are getting a disc ready? Thanks (photosyouwant on here) Nick, cheers.
    • 18 Jan 2006 6:52AM

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