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Have been on here for ayear or so now and I enjoy it more and more.

I shoot in either film with my EOS10 kit, which i prefer shooting tranny in.

I also use a small nikon coolpix 3200. 150 quid and im trying to take it to the limit of what its capable of, which is fun in itself.

I photoshop some of my images, mainly to drag them back from a blury death that comes from being scanned prints from shots taken years ago.

I dream of a digital SLR, however a new baby on the horizon and a large mortgage (which incidentally, is french for death loan!) means that may be some way off!

Work as a SOCO, so use a Nikon D100 on a daily basis just to rub my nose in it!

if i click and dont comment its probably because I have nothing to add, your probably doing fine without my words of misguided wisdom!

Finally, my portfolio is best viewed by selecting catagories from the drop down menus at the foot of the page, im not very organised so things go up as and when, meaning they are invariably not posted to a theme.

See you in the gallery.



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