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Photographer, Southampton, Hampshire.
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A quick view of phred's recent activity.

  • Jenni

    Thank you for all your comments and observations.
    They have led me to re-assess my thought train on this image.
    You may or may not have noticed (or perhaps don't give a fcuk) that I try to give the 'traditional' model poses a swerve.
    Things are what they are, I can't be arsed getting everything precisely correct. Fiddling and faffing about with the model, more like a dummy than a human, waiting to be told how to position their finger, you've got a hair out of place, scared to move in case they muck up the photographers idea of perfection.
    I like them to move freely, 'get into the mood-man'.
    I brief them on the general theme of a shoot, then I tell them - while they are holding a position waiting for the shutter sound, to think of their next pose, therefore I get a bit of a 'human' in the images, because they're not thinking about the moment but trying to be one step ahead? Flow posing?
    I think that's why, in my more and more eccentric way, is the reason it appeals to me.
    Anyone can bang out the traditional, follow the rules!
    People make a handsome living out of telling us how to do it 'properly' Hedgecoe etc.
    So many images look like what's been done before.
    I'm the same, done it before, dozens – hundreds of times, jeeze gimme sommik different!!!
    Sorry that's a bit of a tirade. I'm quite cuddly really.
    • 21 Jul 2020 9:54AM
  • Checking the trim.

    Quote:Stylish and very sexy.

    I think I can forgive the strap: though I reckon it's feasible to edit it out anyway...

    Many thanks.
    I suppose it could, we were doing flow posing, it dropped into the image.
    Yes definitely feasible, can't be arsed to though. Smile
    • 7 Jul 2020 8:33PM
  • Two of two. A quick grab shot. Reminds me of a 60's avant-garde image???

    Quote:I trust in the Sixties the panties were fitted lower.

    Probably had more material as well?
    • 27 Jun 2020 10:42AM
  • One of two. A quick grab shot. Reminds me of a 60's avant-garde image???

    Quote:Definitely there's a hint of one of the more arty sets in something like Spick and Span about this shot.

    I like the light, the mirror, and the well-padded figure. Defying the norm.

    ???Spick and Span??? boldly hell, your showing your age, and a mispent youth.
    I remember it well, perhaps the seed was planted decades ago?

    This was in an old hotel in Poole Dorset, hence the vintage look.
    The lighting was a 42" brolly stuck up in a corner permanently, (the bright area, image top left) I used a Large Rogue flashbender 'softbox?', next to me which I moved and adjusted the power as I shot. All on manual.
    She brought the padding!
    • 26 Jun 2020 2:13PM
  • Chocolate anyone?

    Just to go get a choccy HobNob.
    • 7 Jun 2020 7:19PM
  • Evening Sun.

    Quote:The stunning lady with the sunshade.

    Yes, one and the same, same shoot also.
    • 18 May 2020 10:50AM
  • The Knights at the Round Table

    The one at 11 O'Clock looks like it's OD'd?
    • 10 May 2020 1:36PM
  • Hi,
    I've been looking at your images and reading you comments ref the 50's look. To my mind a part of how you could improve the ambience would be to exaggerate your own posture. A as child of that era, I remember that most of the images were all (excuse me) boobs belly and bum. If you were to strike a more exaggerated posture and either stick the relevant bits out or suck them in, a-la Marylin M. Would that not help to get the look you are seeking? Perhaps have a look at Dita von Teese.
    • Posted on rah's profile
    • 17 Nov 2007 12:05PM
  • some good bird images, like the feathered one's too.
    • Posted on A Booth's profile
    • 6 Jul 2006 10:18PM