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  • At those prices, I'll buy the stuff without the brand name Grin
  • I bought a fuji finepix and it wasn't up to much really. Guess I am getting picky with having a dslr now Grin
    But compared to Lumix panasonic, fujis are rubbish.
  • I found the Panasonic Lumix range quite good. Only thing is to be careful with the zoom lens. It's a bit fragile.
  • The fees ebay are charging now for the sales is getting silly.
    I sold a lens for 180 all in. Pay pal took 6.34 and ebay took 17.44.
    Considering the lens I sold. A nikkor macro lens. It wasn't much really.
    Guy who bought it got a bargain but sellers are going to have to think what they really want to sell it for and the cost will be added to the buyer which is unfair.
  • May I ask why you all want a manual? Just curious as I took that bit of plasticy paper away from the battery, the paper that protects the battery from being used up, and when I was ready to take a shot, I pointed at the camera and took the picture. Didn't think you would actually need a manual to do this or is there something else to the the ML-3 that I don't know about?
  • I tried spot metering with the Auto focus on whcih helped when taking pan shots of birds in flight and taking the VR off.

    I hardly use a tripod for shooting birds due to them being so mobile unless you know where to bait a subject with some food and know it will come to that particular spot. Then use a tripod.
    I'll keep the VR on if the subjects are not flying too much, walking along the beach or grass whilst pecking for food. Same with animals.
    I recently started using the wide angle centre point in the focus points and getting more of the bird in focus too. Usually I end up with the tail being out of focus or soft focusing on the face, but getting clearer results with practising on thmetering mode and focus modes. I find it hard to remember to change settings for different scenes. Today I am going out to capture Sand Martins. Not tried this since buying the camera so hoping for some good results as last year I only had a Sony but that did ok considering these birds fly at Mach speed Smile
    Lots of sunshine helps too Grin
  • To be honest, I give convertors a wide berth. Focusing has been terrible using these things.
    Just try and get a bit closer to your subject. Easier said than done I know.
    You can get a good image now and then, but a lot of the time is wasted trying to get one decent photo.
  • If you have a garden and put up feeders, you'll be amazed at what type of birds turn up looking for an "easy catch".

    Lot's of Sparrowhawks will visit gardens. Unless you live in the heart of a city. Might not happen so often there Smile
    And might even keep those nasty rodents away. Vermin or not, officially, it's still illegal to kill them ourselves.
  • You could always use the "P" programme as well. Sort of like auto but a bit better and helps with panning your subject and sets the ISO at auto too if you want.
    It's a bit easier this way with a bit of practice at first. Try panning a gull, they are always easy to practise on so long as you throw some bread Smile
    Just follow the runner or whatever action and just keep firing off shots remembering not to stop as you take a shot. Plus it's easier following a human than a bird LOL You could try panning passing traffic for practise too.
    The camera decides the settings and it generally picks up you are panning and will set the camera at a higher speed for you it can blur the background as well.
  • I decided to clean the camera myself for once and bought Dust Aid swabs and all the essentials. Selling a kit for a good price so I took it.
    Tried it on an old camera first and it wasvery easy to do.
    So long as you use the proper cleaning materials, there's really nothing to it.
    And saves the trip to a camera shop or waitng around for it to be done. Only shop I knew nearby that done it always tells you to come back in 3 hours. And cost nearly 40.00.
  • Thanks for reply BigRick.
    Going to get the D7000 instead and been told the d80 lenses will fit the d7000 as well. Pretty coolSmile
  • I bought a D80 from an x pro who claimed his friend won it in a raffle but I was to find that it was an old one he used.

    Can someone tell me, how do you know how many pictures your camera has taken?
    I should have guessed when he was trying to convince me that I should check the serial numbers and the number on the box was different to the number on the lens.

    And he made some excuse as to the guy mixing up boxes. If he won the thing on the raffle, why would he have other boxes seeing as he was not a photographer and hence the reason for selling it. He didn't know how to use it.

    I am going to get a brand new D90 soon as anything higher is just way too expensive for accessories and lenses.
    My lenses for the D80 will fit the D90, I am led to believe? Along with the the polorisers and such, so I don't want to change camera totally.
    I like wildlife photography but basically just a newbie to it all. So how can you tell how many pics the camera has taken?
  • Thnaks guys. Forgot I posted this as too much headache stuff was going on in my life the past two weeks.

    Firstly, I bought it second hand from an ex pro. It started off ok, or to my amatuer eye, with no fringing around the edges, not the entire pic.
    This was starting to be noticeable before I dropped it. I thought it was becuase I used a polorising filter on a bright sunny day.
    Then I took pics in vivid mode so thought maybe it was too vivid.
    But sent it off to get an assesment company to repair the lens who in turn decided to salvage it.
    I had sent off the whole camera assuming I was sending it for an assesment. Not to be salvaged. They sent a check for 250. The gear I sent was worth roughly 1,000 squid.
    Needless to say a few choice words was voiced and to my horror, found out the camera was sent to Southern Ireland by the insurance company (White Horse)

    To cut a story short, they screwed up big time, it cost me more than twice as much to gt it back. They use a PO box in Walsall but is then sent off to Ireland. Making it more expensive to get it back.
    They sent it back, with the check I returned to them. Ominous? You betcha.
    Opened the camera box to find the lens, that only had a damaged focus ring, was SNAPPED off the camera body.
    Hence them returning the check to me.

    Oh! Yes, the lens was attached to the camera when i dropped it.

    I bought a new lens but the camera is getting worse with the fringing now. It's not the lens as it's new. It could be the chromatic thingy but what causes that?
    Is it because it's been well used or due to being dropped prior to my getting the camera?
  • I've only used Johnston's for cleaning a camera but was also put off by the time for repairs. I was led to believe this was the norm with camera repair companies. Think I'll try that fixation place that was mentioned. Smile
  • Last time I went to Johnston's it cost me roughly 40 squid for a clean on a Sony A350.
    I believe, the more expensive the camera and lens, the dearer it gets.
  • Why am I getting a purple tint in my photographs? Mainly on a white subject.

    I'm told it could be a cheap lens but I bought a new one for the Nikon D80.

    I have dropped the camera but I was getting the purple tint before I dropped the camera.

    Do I need a new camera body now?

    Thanks in advance