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Hi and welcome to my little bit of space here!

I'm learning the ins and outs of good photography and as you will see I have a lot to learn - but all good fun and every day's a learning day for me!!!
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  • A tablet a day

    Hi all no I haven't got a headache nor hangover so I have no need for a pillule. But yay wat surprise to find in my stocking (not that I regularly wear any - stockings that is) well not on a regular basis, a tablet yay XOOM so I can view my pics wit...

    27 Dec 2011 11:51AM | Read


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  • i want to get outside

    Come on weather start to behave. okok I know I live in Britain and yes I know we have a moderate climate in comparison to other folk in other countries but pleaz pleaz pleaz can it just stop raining for a while to allow me and my equipment to go outs...

    26 Mar 2010 7:28PM | Read


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