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All is good - I'll catch you all up soonish!
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A quick view of pk_nz's recent activity.

  • Toronto Skyline by chrismason

    WOW! awesome - I especially like the reflected light in the clouds. Wondeful scene and capture.
    • 13 Dec 2008 9:03PM
  • 4 by chrismason

    I dunno why, but I like the extra 'edge' given with the cigarettes, for me, it gives the whole shot a slightly different 'feel' than it might normally have - maybe it's the conflict of the beauty of the models and the ugliness of smoking (?)

    either way, liking it, good one.
    • 13 Dec 2008 9:01PM
  • 2 by chrismason

    really good light and pose - like the placemnet in the frame too. Good one.
    • 13 Dec 2008 8:57PM
  • AGO by chrismason

    good exposure/comp - I like the post in the FG, that is not apparent at first glance, but really seems to anchor the scene.

    nice shot.
    • 13 Dec 2008 8:54PM
  • Eaton Centre by chrismason

    wow! such a busy scene, I like how the horizontal curves throughout the shot blance with the vertical straight lines in the structure.

    Really clever shot - especially with the multiple levels and interest thoughout.
    • 6 Nov 2008 5:18AM
  • Tree I by chrismason

    lovin' the stark, simple contrasty image. clever shot.
    • 28 Oct 2008 6:42AM
  • Lightbulb by chrismason

    As said above - very nice shot... I especially like the soft, organic forms of the inner glass
    • 28 Oct 2008 6:40AM
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  • Posted on riprap007's profile

    Hey firstly, GREAT portfolio pic and avatar!

    I have noticed that your welcome message seems to fit with your photography perfectly, you really have an (often underappreciated) eye for shots within scenes that most would miss - it is always a pleasure to see what wonders you come up with and what 'new spin' you have put on your subjects.

    also, thanks for all the time you have taken to support me and others alike, it is always appreciated!

    • 3 Jun 2007 10:39AM
  • Posted on tonymarq's profile

    Hey there Tony!

    I just wanted to leave a general comment rather than a photo specific one. I find your PF truly inspiring, and especially like the way that you have such a variety of subjects and styles. Your creativity in both composition and presentation always shines through and brings an extra dimension to the shots as well.

    Well, I'm pretty excited to be able to spend some time having a catch-up on some of the shots that I have missed in your PF lately - off to do that now...

    best of luck always to you and the family,
    • 1 May 2007 10:24AM
  • Posted on bliba's profile

    what can you say?
    You must be the most consistent, prolific photographer here!
    I am always impressed with the way you can post so many really classy shots in such quick succession.
    Your portrait work especially is just magnificent and truly something to be awed and inspired by.
    Thanks for all the support too, it is truly appreciated!
    • 23 Apr 2007 8:02PM
  • Posted on danbaker1988's profile

    wow! what can you say?

    you have a truly wonderful portfolio spanning various subjects and styles.

    I remember seeing some of the earlier uploads, but havent 'checked in' for a while, so i missed a lot of the later stuff...

    you have a lot of inspirational shots here, and are definately someone that the rest of us can aim toward emulating.

    anyways, nice work, good luck and thanks for the comments!
    • 30 Jun 2006 7:52AM
  • Posted on Gray22's profile

    5 - your PF is f%#@ing awesome!

    you really seem to have a great eye and manipulation skills to match, I will definately be 'checking in' regularly to see what else you come up with.

    thanks for the comments, see you round...
    • 4 Mar 2006 12:41AM
  • Posted on Dek22's profile


    i came this way via Dan's favourites and can see that he is not the only one in the family with brilliant photographic skills!

    you have some great shots in the 'folio, i especially like the mood to 'abandoned buggy' and 'pond life'.

    so, anyways, thought I'd leave a comment and scatter a few clicks around your (rather underated) portfolio...
    • 30 Jun 2006 8:00AM
  • Posted on TommyStr's profile

    Hey Tommy,
    I'm glad to be the first to leave a comment!
    Congrats on the 100 uploads and I really like the diversity in the 'folio. It's very impressive how you can pull off a fantastic abstract, then follow it up with a stunning portrait and then follow that up with a wicked landscape...
    Good luck with everything and thanks for the ongoing support.
    • 4 Jul 2006 6:24AM
  • Posted on TommyStr's profile

    hiya Tommy - I just a look through the later stuff in your PF, and I must say it is truly fantastic! I especially like the way you have developed your portrait style, very expressive and full of character.
    Every visit to your page leaves me with feelings of awe, wonder and inspiration (and, at times, a little bit of envy... hehe)
    I have totally enjoyed watching the layers of your art unfold, and I am also looking forward to whatever comes next.
    thanks again,
    • 10 Apr 2007 9:51AM

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