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Thank you for looking at my images Grin
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A quick view of pledwith's recent activity.

  • Waxing Crescent Moon

    Nice result. Having tried myself I know how difficult it can be.
    • 29 May 2020 9:54AM
  • The Row

    I can understand what you mean but no they have been toned. I have places like that though.
    • 30 Apr 2020 2:54PM
  • Y it's another Oak

    Out of curiosity I have measured the girth of this tree and it's 4.52m whihc according to the woodlands trust guide makes it about 250 years old.

    • 31 Mar 2020 1:36PM
  • Isolation Self Challenge No 2 - Macro

    I like to concept and detail you've managed to capture.
    • 25 Mar 2020 1:52PM
  • This old house ...

    It's located between the town centre and Morris ons on South Street for those who know Bridport
    • 5 Jul 2019 9:23AM
  • Toward Home

    The tree has been there a long time, although perhaps not as long as the lane itself which has been classified as a sunken medieval road I'm told. I like the idea of repeating this through the seasons, just have to watch for when the road is covered in mud. Smile.
    • 14 Jan 2019 5:10PM
  • Brown hares in the mist

    I think it works as it is.
    • 3 Apr 2016 2:06PM
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