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Ploughman's Blog


Welcome to this portfolio of my pictures.
I tend to not add very much description to my shots on the basis that if an explanation is needed, I have not made an interesting shot.
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  • 28th July 2013. Still on the film theme.

    As I travel around the countryside my eyes are looking for that harvest field shot. There is a field of winter barley between Ancaster and Grantham that has looked ready for harvest for the last week, but it is still standing. Maybe this week the com...0


    28 Jul 2013 12:44PM  |  Read


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  • 21st July 2013. Warm - Warmer - Warmest.

    Perhaps the title should have been - Hot - Hotter - Hottest. Either way it`s been too hot for me and right at the start of the week it was `get your money out and buy a straw hat` time. The resulting purchase is superb, it has an enormous brim that ...0


    21 Jul 2013 6:14PM  |  Read


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  • 13th July 2013 Why is Scanning so frustrating ?

    What a strange week, On Monday a visit to the dentist revealed that I need an extraction, Thursday, Nina and I had an exciting encounter with an old time driver, Friday we spent an evening with him and left in total amazement and admiration, but to...0


    13 Jul 2013 6:31PM  |  Read


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  • 6th July 2013 I`m Getting Lazy.

    Not sure where all the time goes, in fact I`m not sure where any of it goes. However in the last week I have traveled around 230 miles, taken over 150 photos and also done the shots of Poppy. Poppy is a beautiful black Labrador who is photogenic but ...0


    6 Jul 2013 5:38PM  |  Read


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  • 28th June 2013. Just Wet.

    Today was to be the big day for a lovely lady. The Lady in question is a gorgeous Black Labrador. She was due to have her portrait taken, so that her proud owners could hang her picture on the wall. It was to be an outdoor sitting, but sadly it has ...0


    28 Jun 2013 4:41PM  |  Read


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  • 23rd June 2013. Wet And Windy.

    How the weeks go by, and how fast the wet and windy weekends turn up with predictable regularity. During the last few days Nina has got to grips with her new computer. It has Windows 8 and she tells me it is very different to Windows Vista, that is o...0


    23 Jun 2013 4:29PM  |  Read


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  • 21st.. June. 2013. Ttwo pairs of hands.

    Not sure why I keep posting the date in the title bar, perhaps it has something to do with reading small print. Here is a for instance. Two bottles, both the same size and colour and both with same brand name in large letters, But try seeing which ...0


    21 Jun 2013 4:18PM  |  Read


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  • 20th. June. 2013. Its All Go !

    In the last few days, Nina ( my other half and boss ) has gone on a spending spree. A new computer and a DSLR plus expressing a desire to get to grips with digital post processing. To be fair, her old computer really was getting on a bit, it had b...0


    20 Jun 2013 7:00PM  |  Read


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  • 18th. June. 2013. A long day at the office.

    This is my first blog - ever The title is not really accurate, I do not have an office as such unless you count the spare bedroom as one. Even if I had a fantastic office I doubt that I would spend much time in it. No, my office is out the...0

    18 Jun 2013 11:38PM  |  Read


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