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Hi welcome to my portfolio, feel free to comment on my work its always good to know how others view my images and I appreciate all comments, good or bad, its the only way forward. It's the truth I am seeking please
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A quick view of pluckyfilly's recent activity.

  • To the perch

    Great timing
    • 20 Oct 2016 5:35PM
  • For Barbs

    Oh my goodness I had no idea, so sorry to hear this news - nice tribute Trev
    • 20 Sep 2016 6:53PM
  • Woodland Creatures

    Great find and so sharp your picture
    • 3 Jan 2016 8:47AM
  • Molly Malone

    really like this Trev
    • 19 Dec 2015 11:01AM
  • Lancing College Chapel - Before the Carols

    Whreat job Nathan, particularly like V5
    • 15 Dec 2015 8:16AM
  • Winter warmth in Worthing...

    Nathan, this is special - love it
    • 12 Dec 2015 4:17PM
  • Santa and his Little Helper...

    Great idea Narhan
    • 6 Dec 2015 12:22PM
  • Not heard from u in a long while, wondered if you were ok! Notice you have kit for sale if I hadn't just bought the Nikon 1 v3 I could have been interested but no dosh unless it sells which is unlikely as its been in classifieds for about 3 weeks - maybe i
    Priced it too high !
    Ann (plucky)
    • Posted on KingBee's profile
    • 13 Jul 2016 8:35PM
  • Cracking set of wildlife images, well done
  • great selection of butterflies, keep going and you will soon be making money from your collection
  • Amazing PF well done, I am enviousSmile
    • Posted on Maccas's profile
    • 22 Dec 2013 10:24AM
  • quite a stunning PF already, well done I shall be interested to view future uploadsWink Ann
    • Posted on capto's profile
    • 15 Sep 2013 8:34AM
  • You seem to be doing well with butterflies and have a great PF
  • A great PF good variety of subjects all well taken with superb colour throughout
  • Your PF is superb Mike, well done beautiful bird shots
  • Superb varied PF I think you have reached a damned good level of photography, keep up the good workSmileAnn
  • great photos and PF well done
    • Posted on milky's profile
    • 6 Feb 2013 9:40PM