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Welcome to my little space on ePz. Thanks for getting this far, feel free to browse my portfolio and website - comments are always welcome!
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6 Sep 2013 5:03PM
Stunning stuff in here Paul !! Excellent photography !!

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ColleenA Plus
6 389 6 Australia
8 Apr 2013 1:22PM
You have a wonderful selection of images in your PFGrin well done
16 Feb 2013 12:51PM
Loving these shots Paul , as indeed i love Cornwall ...Grin
6 223 England
13 Sep 2012 11:42AM
finding myself here a lot, i lose myself in these fantastic images, great work Paul
29 Oct 2011 7:36PM
What a portfolio!. Love this type of photography. You have a great eye for it!

Emu72 Plus
9 7 1 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2011 4:58PM
Hi Paul,

26 pages of inspirational seascapes that will keep me revisiting and voting! Keep up the great work.

7 Aug 2011 10:59PM
Hi Paul, you have a truely wonderful collection of photos, which are an insipration for others (me) to go out there and improve their own photography!
Nice website too.
Lillian Plus
9 22 17 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2011 7:31PM
A truely amazing Port Folio Paul, some wonderful 'filter' work skilful at what you enjoy doing I would think..
I visit Cornwall twice a year and always find a new place to photograph.
tepot 14 4.4k United Kingdom
4 Aug 2011 12:05AM
Fantastic work Paul, i have just bought a 5D, 17-40L and a reverse grad filter so i am itching to get out and use the kit, unfortunately i have clear blue skies for the most part in the summer months here in California, so will be a while, i am using your portfolio meanwhile for inspiration.

what a fabulous collection on seascapes they are so traquill..such brilliant work
edrhodes Plus
13 547 12 United Kingdom
29 May 2011 11:10PM
Paul, just two things to say, inspirational and helpful by the bucket full. Thanks mate.

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
27 May 2011 6:52PM
Thanks guys, always nice when someone takes time to comment in this way - much appreciated Smile

One of the best portfolio iv'e ever seen.
your website is great! tons of breathtaking photographs.

13 Apr 2011 12:12AM
Awesome stuff here Paul, as Midian stated i wish i could compose half as good as these shots, any tips on what you used, particularly i'd love to know where you focused, metering mode etc. I love seascapes but here in South Wales we are somewhat limited, but hoping to move to Cornwall within 12 months, please reply..

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
7 Apr 2011 7:52PM

Quote:Great portfolio Paul, are most of these taken around Polhawn in Cornwall? I'm a Plymouth boy living in Sussex so interested in where to go next time I am in Cornwall visiting my family.

Pretty much all from Whitsand Bay Gary - from Tregantle to Polhawn.

Don't suppose you're any relation to Damien Congdon are you?

Great portfolio Paul, are most of these taken around Polhawn in Cornwall? I'm a Plymouth boy living in Sussex so interested in where to go next time I am in Cornwall visiting my family.
ianrobinson Plus
9 1.2k 8 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 6:09PM
love your portfolio it is very inspiring
MartPics 12 7 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2011 9:18PM
Wonderful portfolio.
Absolutely stunning, breath-taking pictures, all of them! I would LOVE to be able to take shots even half that amazing!! Smile
fudgy 8 48 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2011 11:02AM
another pf that is beautiful and gives me so much inspiration to be able to achieve what you have.

I honestly don't recall ever seeing a more inspirational portfolio from anyone, of any subject.
All of your photos are truely great.

The Colours / movement & mood are just superb.

Just hope one day i could a picture like any of these!
So many of your photos are breathtaking! A pleasure to see. Thanks for the view.

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
4 Jan 2011 7:32PM
I always forget to scroll down to here!!!! Thank you all so much for the kind words Smile

JanieB43 Plus
10 49 6 England
3 Jan 2011 5:44PM
Quite simply a stunning portfolio which can only inspire and encourage others to produce work like this.

21 Nov 2010 10:58PM
Inspirational Portfolio,
8 Jun 2010 8:47PM
Lovely pf Paul.Stunning shots.I'd be happy with just one of your photos.

20 Jan 2010 9:04AM
Great portfolio Paul, some ofthe best work on EPZ! Well done!


andylea 10 37 1 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2009 12:14PM
a stunning portfolio paul keep up the brilliant work Wink
26 Oct 2009 9:38AM
Dear PAUL,this is great chance to visit your excelent photo gallery
your photos are fantastic, SUPERB.
Regards & warm wishes.
10 Oct 2009 7:38AM
Hi Paul, just checked out you're P/F and i've got to say you have some pretty awesome stuff here. Keep up the good work!
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
12 Sep 2009 5:06PM
Thanks Val I do appreciate the time you've taken to say so!

12 Sep 2009 12:46PM
Fabulous portfolio!
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
5 Sep 2009 10:50AM
Aww shucks Bob - you old flatterer! Smile

Cheers mate, much obliged!
rgarrigus Plus
11 25 7 England
5 Sep 2009 7:52AM
Hi Paul,

I've been referring to your portfolio since I got my first camera back in 2006 - way before I joined EPZ. Your perfectly balanced compositions and the ever present sense of drama in your imagery is what sets you apart. Best of light to you for many, many years to come!

Bob G.
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
27 Aug 2009 11:50AM
Thanks Paul! If your first 3 uploads are anything to go by we're in for a real treat with your work!

I've really enjoyed looking through your portfolio here, a wonderful collection of stunning shots, inspirational photography! Rgds Paul
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
24 Aug 2009 8:12PM
Thank you Paula, it's lovely of you to say so!

24 Aug 2009 11:45AM
your pictures are fabulous.....
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
8 Jun 2009 6:49PM
Thanks Sue - twice Wink I do very much appreciate your kind words!

8 Jun 2009 12:07PM
Hi Paul
Your PF is absolutely fabulous.Your work is so inspirational. Rgds Sue
8 Jun 2009 12:01PM
Hi Paul
Your PF is absolutely fabulous.Your work is very inspirational. Rgds Sue
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
5 Jun 2009 7:18PM
Hi Craig, thanks for giving up a few minutes of your Friday night to say so, it means a lot - thank you!

5 Jun 2009 5:14PM
Hi Paul, just want to say how great I think your photos are. The Godrevy Swell picture drew me in and the rest live up to it. Keep up the good work.
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
20 Apr 2009 6:47PM
Thanks Carl, it is very kind of you to take the time to say so!

17 Apr 2009 4:25PM
Excellent photography just the stuff dreams are made of a real pleasure to view.
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
4 Apr 2009 8:24PM
Cheers Arend, I do appreciate you taking the time to say so!

3 Apr 2009 9:28PM
Hello Paul just have to say it just gets better and better just love your seascape photography very on style regards aj
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
27 Feb 2009 8:34PM
Thanks for the kind words Bryan!

Stunning seascapes, an inspiration for me living by the sea I've taken it for granted
Regards Bryan
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
24 Feb 2009 1:13PM
Cheers Neil, kind of you to say so!

24 Feb 2009 12:48PM
Stunning portfolio.
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
1 Feb 2009 10:00PM
Thanks very much guys - much appreciated!!!

Steve_S Plus
13 181 3 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2009 8:44PM
Paul, although wildlife is my bag, I must say how impressed I am with your portfolio. All your images are technically and artistically superb.
Stubill Plus
10 107 England
1 Feb 2009 8:46AM
What a great collection of stunning seascapes from a wonderful coastline Paul. I don't feel so worried about the amount of seascapes in my PF now Smile
Keep up the excellent work.

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
23 Nov 2008 10:02PM
Cheers Baz - I do appreciate you taking the time to say so!!!

22 Nov 2008 1:48PM
Superb work Paul; an inspiration.

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
18 Nov 2008 11:20AM
Thanks John, my most recent 18 uploads are not HDR - got into a habit in the past of doing it for the sake of it!

I'll look at that site.
Can't imagine how you achieve that quality. Are those HDRs?
oh, sorry, pros don't tell their secrets.. Smile
Awesome gallery.

you should join
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
17 Nov 2008 11:56PM
Thanks Graham - very kind of you to say so!!!

15 Nov 2008 10:22PM
Super portfolio Paul.

Quality shines through your work.
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
15 Nov 2008 5:49PM
Thanks you three - very humbling!!!

3 Nov 2008 1:59PM
Agree with Ian 1000% a simply breathtaking pf.....
Chant57 Plus
13 395 3 United Kingdom
26 Oct 2008 2:50PM
Just spent an enjoyable few minutes looking at work Ive missed Paul, as always superb!
25 Oct 2008 8:52AM
Love your rocky beach shots.
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
24 Oct 2008 12:02PM
Your cheque's in the post Ian Wink

Ian-Munro Plus
11 200 15 Wales
24 Oct 2008 10:17AM
Okay, i have just browsed through ALL your work and i am not going to go through clicking on all images.

I am just going to say that what i have seen in this PF is nowt short of AMAZING.AWSOME and UNTOUCHABLE in my opinion.

Simply world class, how do you do it.

Best Regards

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
23 Oct 2008 8:25PM
Cheers Dave, very kind!
22 Oct 2008 5:48AM
Some outstanding work Paul. Looking forward in viewing future uploads,

Regards Dave
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
5 Oct 2008 11:51AM
Awe shucks - you guys!.....Smile
5 Oct 2008 10:42AM
Oh my GOD..

Your sea scapes are truely inspiring. It would take far to long to coment on each one, but each one deserves my vote and a whole lot more. I'll be following your posts ! Grin


18 Sep 2008 12:09AM
P.s. - Cheers for the p/f comment - any ideas on how to get onto that radar?!
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
14 Sep 2008 7:09PM
I really should scroll down here more often!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment in this way, it is very much appreciated!

12 Sep 2008 7:29PM

Been looking through your p/f - you've come a long way photographically in a pretty short time, and clearly contribute a hell of a lot to the top-end of this site quality-wise! I think two of your images really stand out, and I was genuinely suprised not to find them in the Editor's choice section - Jagged Shores and Mystic Coast II I if I remember rightly - the first has a genuinely engaged feel through composition that stands out from the crowd, and the second has some wonderful soft and ethereal light - rather than just the usual orange low-sun effect that so many people go for. Glad to have had this twenty minutes to peruse - I'm going to have to wander down to Cornwall sometime... Grin

Take it easy,

JBA Plus
10 341 1 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2008 10:19AM
Hi Paul,
Thanks for the nice comment on my gate pic. As a newbie here I thought I'd check out your portfolio. very impressed. Lots of pro looking shots. I think us graphics pros have a better developed eye than other beginners in photography perhaps, ( and the Pshop skills help ) but in my case the technical stuff lets me down every time. Just won a D80 18-70 on ebay so I shall take pains to live up to it Wink
Thanks again and keep up the good work.
2 Sep 2008 9:18PM
Hi Paul,
Came to your website for a look after you commented on one of my pictures a while back, thanks for your comments.
You work is fantastic and would love to be as good as you one day!

gGeat gallery,like the piccies and great composed.


Beautiful landscape photos, well done!!!
backbeat Plus
13 134 1 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2008 7:44AM
top quality landscapes...very inspirational

keep up the good work paul

sjteague 10 147 1 Wales
28 Jul 2008 7:46PM
Very nice Pf, Cheers
Ray42 Plus
10 3 England
5 Jul 2008 8:33AM
Your PF has kept me occupied for quicte a while looking at them. Lovely work and good photography.
Big_T Plus
13 58 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2008 11:15PM
Thanks for sharing your stunning work and tips. It's refreshing to have someone help others on the road to better photography once they have reached the dizzy heights of published work. All too often people forget they too had to start from the bottom before they reached the top. Keep up the good work Paul.

Big T
Wowwww, breathtaking pictures, the wide angle has no secrets for you, love the colortones and compositions, well done!

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
8 Jun 2008 9:10PM
Praise indeed Nick, thank you very much for the humbling words!

Nick_w Plus
11 4.3k 99 England
8 Jun 2008 9:42AM
What can I say, other than one of the best landscape PF on EPZ.

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
7 Jun 2008 12:00PM
Thank you all very much for the kind words, it is very much appreciated!

oll1e Plus
11 57 2 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2008 1:53AM
Hi Paul ,
Thanks for your clicks and comments ,i can see from your portfolio how well you have progressed ,i think you have found your neche though in these seascapes ,they are so good and like many people say it inspires us to do better .
very well done and thanks for sharing your images
take care
GalleryGirl 11 4 2 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2008 8:44PM
Just stopping by to say I love your portfolio. A wonderful selection of seascapes with different moods and atmospheres. Superb work!
Marilyn x
What lovely images,must say that you have developed a style of your own which is very distinctive.Well done & thanks for letting us see your images.
zed Plus
14 551 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2008 5:42PM
Your portfolio is fab to look at. Great stuff....

SKavanagh Plus
11 312 5 England
19 Apr 2008 8:46AM
Love your Paul inspires me to get out and get better. Just read the article in Digital SLR great piece of work.
All the best for the future
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
13 Apr 2008 1:09PM
Thanks guys, very much appreciated!

13 Apr 2008 10:15AM
Awesome, inspiring, wonderful, need I go on I have just viewed your portfolio from the beginning, your work has developed so much since 2006, you must spend hours sitting waiting for the perfect moment to get such great captures. If I can develop half as much as you I will be a happy man, although in comparison I have a lot yet to learn, keep the work coming and thank you for inspiring me..

Andrew ;O)
Nickscape Plus
12 708 9 England
10 Apr 2008 1:58PM
Just had a browse through your portfolio, all the way to the back - man youve come a long way since you joined! a great learning curve, well done!

10 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2008 5:06PM
exceptional PF regards, Phil
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
5 Apr 2008 11:11PM
Thank you all for your kind words!

Sorry, I keep forgetting to scroll down to this section!

imander Plus
11 388 7 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2008 8:17PM
Just saw your annoucment in the forum regarding your being in a magazine, so i thought i'd check out your work and may i say you have some truely inspiring stuff in here.
congratulations ian
backbeat Plus
13 134 1 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2008 9:32PM
a very inspiring PF paul...really high quality images

18 Mar 2008 2:12AM
Just looking at your portfolio Paul. amazing stuff.

10 Mar 2008 12:47PM
Congractulations on your 2 EC's and POTW !!!! Ive not had a chance to play on ephotozine recently...catching up now tho.

Your recent work rocks!!!!!!

sketch 11 1.5k United Kingdom
4 Mar 2008 12:02PM
This is such a superb PF, one that you can lose yourself in for hours, welldone

sarah x
Brenty Plus
12 12 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2008 1:13PM
Absolutely fantastic work. A real pleasure to view. Congratulations on your well deserved awards.
sherlob Plus
12 3.0k 129 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2008 7:23PM
Stunning PF Paul. Your work keeps on getting better.

Gaz_H Plus
12 150 1 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2008 6:48PM
Wow have I missed some amazing shots since the new year. Amazing stuff Paul and a pleasure to view. Congratulations on your EC's and POTW.

Assyrian Plus
11 132 Scotland
14 Feb 2008 9:27AM
Fantastic work on show here. It's truly inspirational and breathtaking. Stunning.

13 Feb 2008 5:08PM
Found your portfolio through you comment on my latest image. Fantastic images, I am in awe! Both inspirational and a little intimidating. Chris
12 Feb 2008 9:09PM
everything about this p.f it is special and breathtaking a delight to browse through
looboss Plus
12 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2008 11:33AM
Fantastic PF!
Love every single image even though I may not comment on all, they are all very deserving shots.
ketch Plus
11 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
5 Feb 2008 11:08PM
These are beautiful - my part of the world but I have never seen it look quite so wonderful - how do you do it?
BillyGoatGruff Plus
11 191 199 England
1 Feb 2008 12:23PM
I've run out of superlatives.
I'm going home to cry now.
31 Jan 2008 2:14PM
Your PF is awsome.. Every image is just beautiful as the next..What a location you have to get such lovely shots... Will be looking at your work daily..You are going in my favs.Look forward to seeing more of you work
Costy Plus
11 483 6 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2008 12:19PM
Great portfolio, some amazing work here!
Guillaume Plus
12 119 2 United Kingdom
29 Jan 2008 11:14AM
I am a big fan of your images Paul. Your portfolio is simply awesome. Keep on the good work.
29 Jan 2008 8:54AM
You work is just awesome!!!! you are such an inspiration!!!

Love your website too!
28 Jan 2008 10:55AM
Stunning portfolio paul..great inspiration
sherlob Plus
12 3.0k 129 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2008 4:09PM
Great work in here Paul - I envy you your location (takes me at least an hour to get to the sea). Cheers, Adam
olbell 11 47 1 England
16 Jan 2008 9:22PM
Paul you have a portfolio of breathtaking seascapes! You shoot just what i love and you provide me with bags of inspiration. Please keep it up!

Rgds Ollie
10 Jan 2008 6:28PM
Your photography is just brilliant and very inspirational. Lots to learn from your style and approach. Thanks for all your comments, I feel just a tad humbled looking at your PF though! Got start from somewhere I guess.
Robak Plus
12 6 England
10 Jan 2008 5:58PM
Inspiration indeed. "My Sunshine" is just extraordinarily beautiful.
alwolf Plus
11 341 3 England
10 Jan 2008 12:09PM
Paul you have a stunning portfolio, these are the type of images i want to aspire to,Website is also excellent.
Excellent 100% P/F.
18 Dec 2007 9:47PM
A truly superb p/f, the word seems to be inspirational. I think thats so true. I've gone right back to you early stuff and it's easy to see how you've turned into a genius of colour and movement. Truly fantastic Paul, please keep them coming.

woodrow Plus
11 153 Scotland
23 Nov 2007 12:04PM

one word: 'Inspirational'

23 Nov 2007 12:00PM
hi there
you have some fabulous landscape shots!
I envy your ability to take those photosSmile

Paul, yours is one magnificent PF, congratulations. Will visit again very soon.
mianby Plus
12 12 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2007 12:26PM
fantastic inspirational portfolio
Lou_C Plus
11 755 2 England
17 Nov 2007 8:00PM
A wonderful portfolio, your shots are certainly an inspiration Smile
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
6 Nov 2007 10:06PM
Just gobsmacked with the response to my work lately, thank you all very much! It is very much appreciated and so encouraging for an amateur such as myself!

Best regards
toonboy Plus
14 75 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2007 7:58PM
Hi Paul

An amazing portfolio, something to aspire to, your low light work is outstanding the drama in each image captures the viewer and holds them.

Regards Ken
A truely great portfolio of work, which I will keep checking back on again and again.

Something for me to aspire to
5 Nov 2007 12:19AM
Your work is amazing. Can't wait to see more!!
4 Nov 2007 8:41PM
Hi Paul,You have some absolute stunning images in your portfollio.

All the best Pete
Paul we are very lucky to live in the southwest. Dorset, Devon and Cornwall have some beautiful coasting, one of my favorite is North Devon but every time i've been up there it is raining. I checked out you web site some outstanding work you have. I aim to have a portfolio as good as you over the next few years it was an absolute pleasure looking at your work it was an inspiration to me. Thanks
1 Nov 2007 5:56AM
Fantastic portfolio Paul, you have a style to your pictures that most of us can only dream about...keep up the brilliant work Smile Harvey
24 Oct 2007 9:32PM
Paul, Can i just say that your portfolio is inspirational. Ive only been taking pictures with my slr for 3 months now and it is in pursuit of images just like yours.Brilliant,keep this stuff up!
10 Oct 2007 3:00PM
Gorgeous! Your works are really great... And the sky on pictures are attractable... Didn't you think of creating sky techniques tutorials?
28 Sep 2007 12:18AM
sneaking a more in depth look at your pf (trouble with being new so much to see lolol) its brilliant.....superb atmospherics :o)
16 Sep 2007 10:24PM
Stunning images, superb portfolio

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
1 Sep 2007 5:58PM
Thanks David and Bev, very kind!

30 Aug 2007 12:53PM
Love the work in your portfolio, striking & dramatic. I'm using a Canon 350D and I'd really like to get a 10-20mm lens - you have some great work that convinces me I should buy one !!
User_Removed 11 485 13 England
28 Aug 2007 9:21PM
Wonderful gallery, superb photography
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
21 Aug 2007 11:57AM
Thanks John, much appreciated!

21 Aug 2007 10:02AM
you certainly have a wonderful PF! My fav being "My Sunshine".
thanks for comments by the way..appreciated!
pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
20 Aug 2007 3:19PM
Cheers Doug, I can say the same about yours!

19 Aug 2007 6:52PM
All your pictures are good to the eyes -well done Paul

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
14 Aug 2007 2:45PM
Lol Luis, thank you for the kind words!

looboss Plus
12 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2007 1:59PM
There are some..... sorry, many.... sorry, I'll start again your PF is full of terrific shots!

Love your work.

pmorgan Plus
12 217 13 England
14 Aug 2007 1:26PM
Thank you Rodrigo!

Beautiful work Paul, fantastic color and compositions!!!