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Thanks for looking and I hope you like what you see. I live in Northern Ireland now with my long suffering husband and teenage children, who tolerate my passion for photography (as if they have a choice) and of course our two collies. I have worked my way from the Canon 600d - then Canon 60d - and now Canon 6d and I love the 17-40mm lens.

I have learnt so much on EPZ and there is always someone to ask for help and advice.

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A quick view of PMWilliams's recent activity.

  • Motorcross

    Fast and furious, excellent
    • 13 Jun 2021 7:09PM
  • Miwi Milloo

    I love both and I'm usually a mono lover but on this occasion the soft pastels win me over. Wonderful work
    • 13 Jun 2021 7:08PM
  • What you wanna make those eyes at me for?

    Lovely image and nice to see a different breed being shown
    • 9 Jun 2021 1:07PM
  • The Black Swan

    Quote:I don't understand the title. Am I missing something?

    Poetic license, it can look like a black swan in the water but you might have to squint Wink
    • 3 Jun 2021 8:19PM
  • "Basking in the Sun"

    Beautiful colour palette, I think the version just edges it for me but both lovely
    • 3 Jun 2021 6:29PM
  • Downpour

    My type of image, love it Grin
    • 24 May 2021 9:39PM
  • Shining Tor

    beautiful light
    • 20 May 2021 6:18PM
  • I love your portfolio Grin
  • Sublime images Grin
  • Your portfolio I think is probably a reflection of you, colourful and interesting subjects that catch the eye and bring a smile to the face GrinGrin
  • So many of your images look like they could have been taken over here, a wonderful feeling about them and the type of images I love GrinGrin
  • Hi Sylvia, your portfolio is beautiful and the flower shots are truly wonderful, but my favourites are the Freesias, they have a wonderfully delicate feel about them and the soft lighting just adds to their beauty,

  • You must have plenty of patience, lovely images GrinGrinGrin
  • A joy to view, and some very special images in your portfolio Grin
    • Posted on PhilT2's profile
    • 28 Apr 2016 8:31PM
  • Lovely images and love seeing some familiar places too Grin
  • Lovely images and always wish I'd been into photography before leaving home. I dont know how I missed the ones you have already put on. Very much look forward to seeing more Grin