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"An eye for an eye will leave us all blind"-Ghandi
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A quick view of pomme2003's recent activity.

  • Jax

    Thank you
    • 10 Aug 2014 9:01AM
  • Molly

    Thanks guys for the comments
    • 10 Aug 2014 4:03AM
  • wet portrait

    Beautiful shot
    • 30 Jun 2014 5:49AM
  • Simone

    Works so well, love the shadow
    • 30 Jun 2014 5:44AM
  • Sarah

    Lovely shot quite mesmerising
    • 25 Jun 2014 8:57PM
  • te waihou walkway Waikato New Zealand

    Thanks for the comments, wasnt entirely going for a particular look or style on this picture. Was just that when I reviewed it later it came across almost painting like in the effect . have uploaded a shot from the same river with a different look but with added focal point.
    • 3 Apr 2014 4:54AM
  • The Windmill

    Best photo I've seen of the windmill.popular spot for us before emigrating
    • 26 Feb 2014 3:16PM
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  • No topics found.
  • love your work,some truly beautiful work
    • Posted on beckas's profile
    • 10 Feb 2009 7:50AM
  • hi dragstar took your advice follwed you over from nude forum great to see your work again allways impressive, simon Smile