GB Sports Photographer & The Panasonic LUMIX S1



HI! I will be happy to read your comments on the photographs. Pictures are like wine, you might not like the one that I do but none of us is wrong.

"Blessed are people who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing." (Anonymous)
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  • Rua da Prata, Lisbon

    Quote:This is really superb, Marian. I love it!


    Superb thought provoking image


    Oh, thank you to both of you! I am so glad you liked it. I tend to see the imperfections but I love the Portuguese lady that never noticed me. Smile
    Thanks a lot for the awards!
    • 30 Dec 2018 3:31AM
  • Autumn in Paris


    Thank you, Carole!
    • 27 Dec 2018 1:17AM
  • Porto, Ponte Luiz I

    Quote:An excellent night-time image, Marian.

    Thank you Bill! I am enjoying the power of my SONY Alpha 7 together with the 90 mm f 2.8. Love them together.

    Quote:Wonderful low light capture Marian. The bridge positively glows.
    Peter GrinGrinGrin

    They take great care of that lovely bridge. You should go there Peter!!!

    Quote:So glad you have visited my County Marian... You really did justice to Porto with this beautiful shot of the bridge and the beautiful iconic boats below. Excellent image and subject matter...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    My dearest, Portugal was the best part of my trip. I absolutely adored it and now I want to move there! I need a job first.
    Hugs to all of you

    • 22 Dec 2018 10:42PM
  • East Berlin

    Quote:a colorful photo that attracts attention and with discrete motion !


    Thank you so much for the User Award, always surprising!
    The Best to You,
    • 21 Dec 2018 2:24PM
  • Busy Man

    Quote:Excellent work, Marian. I love it!

    Thank you Nezih! I am humbled by the award you bestowed on my photo.
    I will try not to disappoint you my friend. In my trip I only reached as fas as Vienna, next time I will go to Turkey to pay you a visit. Smile
    Best to you
    • 20 Dec 2018 7:21PM
  • Steamy Afternoon

    Quote:Look forward to more wonderful things, Marian.

    Thank you Peter! I hope to fulfill your expectations, I must confess that I am excited and fearful at the same time.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday
    • 16 Jun 2015 5:48AM
  • Sidestreet

    Quote:Classy, very classy.

    Thank you so much John for the User Award.
    I am honored by your preference.

    Thanks to all who have left a comment or a "like" on this photo.
    I am very attracted to backlit scenes, we have plenty of that in the tropics.
    • 2 Jun 2015 11:59PM
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  • Your portfolio is filled with fascinating images of wonder and emotional depth. Excellent work.
    I am glad to have you in my connections, Bernard.
    • Posted on Rhoufi's profile
    • 26 Jan 2014 2:44PM
  • I want to see all you have to show us after 7 decades of shooting pictures.
    An honor to be connected to your portfolio.
  • I am in complete awe of the landscapes and the macro shots you have in your portfolio. Spectacular work!
  • Such a nice portfolio that you have! I like your style of pictures very much.
    • Posted on iosatel's profile
    • 9 Aug 2013 2:49AM
  • I like your B&W work very much. I will certainly keep an eye on your PF from now on.
  • Love abstract photographs, I will be checking on your stuff often! Smile
    • Posted on lblythe's profile
    • 9 Jun 2013 9:14PM
  • Your photos are much fun! Love your portfolio!
    • Posted on gblythe's profile
    • 9 Jun 2013 9:12PM