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And I say to myself it's a wonderful world so, I try to capture it in my camera.
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A quick view of PRG's recent activity.

  • Mountains Worcester Cape South Africa

    Interesting. The photograph is as shot.Very little modification on my part so pastel it was. I have done deeper modifications on other shots, but this is what I saw. But thanks for the insight and your good eyes. I missed the dark spots completely. Dirt on the lens? PRG
    • 4 Jun 2019 4:53PM
  • Long Street Cape Town

    Yep, that did the trick. The white line was part of the South African flag, I guess I just wanted to keep the SA connection but, the photograph is much better without it. Thanks PRG
    • 8 Apr 2019 3:52PM
  • Fishermen (2)

    So, again thanks to all and I do feel that I'm making progress in both shooting and processing (so much to learn). Now, I've checked my camera and it is set to Colour Space sRGB. I'm shooting in RAW and not resizing. I need to check when down loading that the photo's arrive at ezone in Jpeg. I'll experiment with Photoshop but not send anything that is obviously (even to me ) of poor quality. Another Fishermen is on the way. Thanks again. PRG
    • 15 Mar 2019 4:13PM
  • Fisherman with Dog

    Again, thanks all. For information I shoot in Raw. I use Photoshop and used (I think) Raw processing. But then the programme didn't show EXIF so when upload to ephotozine the information wasn't there. So, I'll uninstall photoshoot and reinstall. I think I shot in WB Daylight and the shot was taken near Cape Town SA. LUT, I'll investigate. More buttons, more fun! PRG
    • 13 Mar 2019 12:12PM
  • Down to the Sea Again

    Sorry 'W' I clicked the EXIF button but no details attached. Ill go back and see where I went wrong. PRG
    • 11 Mar 2019 6:51PM
  • Lookout Post. Cape West Coast

    Masochist (sp) One who enjoys pain as in : I find a nice image, upload it, ask for a critic and don't flinch when comments come. The little black book grows. PRG
    • 5 Dec 2018 4:25PM
  • I'm Bored

    Well thanks again all. I hope to be to get out tomorrow and try to shoot folk around town. I will try and work around;
    - ISO 400,
    - f/8,
    - AP
    - 1/00 exposure
    - avoid bright spots and cutting limbs. Can't wait! PRG

    • 28 Nov 2018 4:46PM
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