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Welcome to my portfolio of photos. They are a bit of a mixed bunch from both past and present. They record my attempts to capture scenes and subjects as I see them! As such, I try to keep any editing, aside from cropping, to a minimum. Comments are always welcome. I hope you enjoy browsing through them.
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A quick view of prtd's recent activity.

  • Looking out and looking in.......

    Beautiful shot and composition. Peter
    • 27 May 2021 12:21PM
  • Thornwick Bay 4

    Beautiful shot, Alan - the sky especially. Peter
    • 24 May 2021 4:11PM
  • Gannet

    Vegetarian gannet or nest building?! A great shot, either way. Peter
    • 21 May 2021 8:22AM
  • Thornwick Bay 3

    Great shot - not a place to be when the tide comes in! Peter
    • 20 May 2021 9:41AM
  • Gardens on the wall revisited...

    A very impressive set, Isabel. One of your best! Peter
    • 14 May 2021 12:01PM
  • Sunshine and showers ( Elgol Isle of Skye)

    Absolutely stunning - many’s the time I have sailed into Loch Scavaig. The view still sends shivers down my spine. Peter
    • 13 May 2021 12:49PM
  • Double Header

    Two for the price of one! - As ever, nicely captured. Peter
    • 4 May 2021 6:05PM
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  • Great portfolio of nature shots - I know who to send my queries to when I can't identify one of my own bird shots! All the best, Peter