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Thank you for visiting. All comments with respect to my images are greatly appreciated. I will do my best to offer constructive comments.
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  • Iris and Dafodils

    • 7 Apr 2014 3:17PM
  • Baseball Hot Dogs Apple Pie & Chevrolet

    If my memory serves me, the pop corn was camelized, and came in a box called Cracker Jacks Wink
    • 7 Apr 2014 3:13PM
  • Modern Shapes

    About perfect in every way!

    • 3 Apr 2014 5:48PM
  • Spring Flowers

    These images are far more than just flowers in the spring. Your presentation and the added effort of the composition and framing have me stunned. There are no favorites to my eye, they are all pieces of artwork as well as great camera work.

    • 3 Apr 2014 5:41PM
  • Feather 2

    Superb !!
    • 31 Mar 2014 3:37PM
  • Museum Here

    Both work very well - amazing details - great composition.

    • 27 Mar 2014 4:30PM
  • Spanning the Big Spring Creek

    A great study in textures, rhythm, and scale .... love the tonality variations.

    • 26 Mar 2014 2:00PM
  • War Memorial, Bourton on the Water

    Two more incredible images - difficult to choose a favorite.

    • 26 Mar 2014 1:53PM
  • Shall we go for a paddle, then?

    These images are inspiring - you have taken your processing to an art form and they are so realistic that it takes little imagination for the viewer to feel like they are there.

    • 23 Mar 2014 2:16PM
  • La Sombra!

    Great composition in V1
    • 22 Mar 2014 6:12PM
  • And their Shadows

    This is one heck of an image!!!
    • 22 Mar 2014 2:04PM
  • Curves and wire

    Got it! It's a great abstract image - (no clue what it really is)

    • 21 Mar 2014 2:04PM
  • Doris Longwing (Heliconius erato petiverana)

    Great capture - like how you stepped back to place this beauty in context.

    • 21 Mar 2014 1:51PM
  • Amaryllis

    WOW ! Two very stunning images - somehow, the B&W seems to demand more of my attention - must be the wonderful contrasts. No critique intended here, the soft background could be darkened to add even more contrast in both images.

    • 21 Mar 2014 1:47PM
  • A Big Boy!

    Like your version 2 best with it's softer focus and slightly more subdued colors -

    • 21 Mar 2014 1:35PM
  • The Old Barn

    Excellent B&W with great tones and subject matter.
    • 20 Mar 2014 1:55PM
  • A Broken Window

    This is a great study - I see 7 images, the overall composition and an image in the separate frames, each telling a different story (except maybe the top two). Well seen -

    • 20 Mar 2014 1:53PM
  • Yes Please Mum........

    Superb heartwarming image!
    • 19 Mar 2014 4:00PM
  • Into The Blue

    Spectacular area - amazing image with narrative video to help understand what it took to capture. Art
    • 19 Mar 2014 1:59PM
  • Victorian Maid

    Nice use of natural light - adds a lot of interest to the image overall - and a lot of character to the subject.
    That Canon nifty 50 is a great lens - wish I had saved mine.
    • 18 Mar 2014 1:43PM
  • Did You Loose Something?

    Great composition and framing - he/she must have been tired of flying to pose so well for you.
    • 18 Mar 2014 1:36PM
  • Native Grunge

    Great symmetrical composition - needs a spot of paint does it not? (windows are a favorite)

    • 14 Mar 2014 2:04PM
  • Spanish Dancing 4

    Another wonderful set of images - V1 stands out to my eye, the palms seem to be celebrating along with the dancers and the background adds that tremendous depth.

    • 14 Mar 2014 1:58PM
  • White-breasted Nuthatch

    Excellent composition - love the bird's position - about to fly off.

    • 13 Mar 2014 1:39PM
  • Abstract: 26

    Surrealistic abstract image - great to view - reminds me of watching cloud formations as a kid and pointing out what we saw. Really well done!

    • 12 Mar 2014 1:56PM
  • What Do You See?

    Absolutely Abstract - great image - would have never guessed what it was without V2. I don't think I have ever seen a rig like the one in this image - purpose?

    • 11 Mar 2014 1:58PM
  • Ancient Cattle

    Quote:Well, this one looks friendly??? wondering, were they for eating or used as oxen-- . Those horns are amazing!

    Hi Jenn - He wasn't (friendly that is) - certainly used as oxen...... my info says they were used for milk although they are not very productive. These images do not really show just how big their horns can get - you could string a hammock in between some of them.
    • 9 Mar 2014 6:52PM
  • Busy bees

    By no means am I an expert in Macro, but I have a good friend who does this frequently, and by watching him, I may be able to pass on a few of my observations. Before I go on, your image is off to a good start - great subject, cropped in close, and your use of a Macro lens. It is however "soft" rather than sharply focused and this is detrimental to the idea of a macro image which should bring out the details, patterns, & textures because it is sharply focused.

    My friend almost always focuses manually - never using the auto focus mode. This assures him that his image is sharply focused throughout. He also chooses his spot and then waits patiently for his subject to land in the frame if it is fast moving. Choosing his spot allows him to keep the background simple to prevent it from competing with the subject. Your image would benefit from a cleaner background and sharper focus.

    Normally, he shoots at a higher ISO than 100 - around 400 - this allows him to reduce the aperture opening to around f11 thereby increasing the depth of field and allowing for sharper focus throughout the subject. Raising the ISO also allows for a faster shutter speed at the reduced aperture.

    Lastly, he tends toward images that are back lighted rather than having the light overhead which causes shadows and unwanted contrasts. He more than not uses a special flash for Macro - I forget the type.

    In looking at your image data, I can see that you shot your image at a wide open f2.8, at ISO 100, at 1/1250 shutter speed. If you compare this with what my friend normally uses, you can immediately see how you might improve.

    Hope this helps out some and I would add keep at it, experience is the best teacher.

    Regards, Art
    • 9 Mar 2014 4:22PM
  • Painting on red

    WOW - beautiful amazing landscape - I just read an article entitled "The High Concept Image" - this is a perfect example of the type of image and the type of person who the author/photographer was describing. Sorry, this image and your story jumped out at me - you will enjoy the article if you take a peek at it.

    • 8 Mar 2014 5:11PM
  • Spanish Dancing 3

    For me, these are the best of the entire series that you posted. V3 is my favorite here - just love the tilt on the dancers heads (especially the male) and the horse seemingly imitating them.. Great story and wonderful presentation.

    • 7 Mar 2014 3:26PM