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30/07/2013 - 10:26 AM

Boats for rent!

Boats for rent!Your image requires straightening, as it leans to the left.
07/06/2012 - 5:12 PM


WaterheadHi Elaine, it's a nice image, but I felt as though it did not have that punch that draws the viewer to look at it. It's bright image with boats on or around the water. Like many others. So, why not do or be a little different to all the others? I put the image into Photoshop ACR, made adjustments to contrast to give a little more punch to the sky. Reduce the highlights, again to give more definition to the sky. I boosted clarity to help the image a little, then open it in PS. Copied the background layer.

I then opened a gradient map from the adjustment layers panel > In the layer mask thumbnail I painted in black over the 3 boats in the foreground to bring the colour back, as well as the pebble shoreline. I then added a curves and levels adjustments to the image.

I now feel the colour of the boats lead the viewer into the image with a more dramatic sky and background. Hope you like it.
27/05/2012 - 11:07 PM

marker buoy

marker buoyHi Billy, this has the making of a good shot, but unfortunately the image is blurred. A shot taken at 1/6th of a second needs to be on a tripod. Also to get a really clear image use mirror lock or delayed. Hope this is of help to you.
Turkish Anatolian Girl dancing (playing), May 2012.Hi Michael, I'm afraid your image has quite a few faults. The dances faces are in shadow, you have one dancer with his head missing and another one cut in half lengthways. There's also someones hand in the shot waving a piece of cloth. You should have concentrated on 2 maybe 3 people in the shot. Anything else, you should have cropped it. Anyway, I put your image into Photoshop camera raw and adjusted highlights, shadows, contrast and vibrance. I then went into Photoshop, copied the background layer, did a levels and curves adjusment. Layers panel > blending mode > screen > opacity 36%. I then cropped the figure on the right and removed the hand on the left with the patch tool. Hope you like the mod.
20/05/2012 - 10:23 AM

Leigh 3

Leigh 3Hi Tony, put your image in PS camera raw > Hue/saturation and turned it into B & W. Made adjustment with the adjustment brush on the sky, contrast, highlights, shadows and clarity. In PS, I copied the background layer > new layer > eye dropper tool on her skin and painted over her arm to try and reduce the mottle effect on her skin. I then painted her face > multiply > opacity 25%. I then removed the glare from her sun glasses. Hope you like the mod.
19/05/2012 - 12:32 AM


LeighHi Anthony, to me the image does not just make it I'm afraid. Don't get me wrong, I'm no specialist in portrait photography. A good model has the right clothing for model shoots/fashion shoots. The dress the young lady was wearing was too busy. Maybe her fingers should be intertwined holding her knee or both hands on the steps. Her bra strap was showing, which is again not right, unless it's there for a type of shot, which I'm sure this was not. Little details are so important in this type of photography. Post production for fashion shoots is intense and the work done by these people is mind blowing just watching them. I put the image into Photoshop and removed the bra strap. Her cheast area was pale compared to other parts of her and did not look right, so I created a new layer, took a colour sample with the eye-dropper tool and painted over the area, using blending mode > colour. I then used the quick selection tool and went over her dress. Added a new layer > blending mode > select > inverse and used black with the paint bucked to take the colour from the dress. I feel now, this is in more keeping with the background. A good landscape or fashion photographer does research on the best shoot locations for a particular job and this is gained by time and experience and try looking at the top pro's and the type of locations they go to. We all never stop leaning, that's the great thing about the World we live in. Hope you like the mod.
Rape Seed Field  - near Groombridge KentHi Judith, to be honest, there's not a great deal wrong with your shot. It's a little dark on the left side of the image, but what the hell, we've got Photoshop. The portrait mob have their indoor lighting to get the best possible results. Us poor landscape mortals have the sun, cloud, rain and anything else it can throw at us. Are we bothered? No, we are a hardy bunch who get up and go to bed at rediculous times, just for the sake of getting that special image. We're not pampered poodles. Anyway, I put your image into Photoshop camera raw, adjusted the highlights. Got the adjustment brush and brought up the exposure on the sky and the land where the wall is at then end of the field. I then went into Photoshop and copied the background layer. I then went back into the layers panel - blend mode and soft light. Now I feel your image is great and has a wonderful warm and bright feel to it. Hope you like it.
12/05/2012 - 10:58 PM

It's all white.

It's all white.Hi Peter, nice shot of the lion, but I felt it had lost some of the detail around the mane of the lion and it's rump. Yes, the ground was also a little light as well. I made some adjustments in Photoshop camera raw with the adjustment brush with highlights and reduced the exposure in certain places. I then went into the layers panel and set the blending mode to multiply at 51%. I think you will find it has given the lion a lot more detail and more depth to it's mane. Hope you like it.
12/05/2012 - 5:42 PM

Alternate View

Alternate ViewHi John, Yes unfortunately for us landscape photographers, we don't have the easy option that studio photographers have, where they can put a light on here and there to make the lighting perfect. I put your image in Photoshop, dropped in a sky from my stock images. I went into layers and chose multiply, then used my adjustment brush and painted in black to clear the sky that was on ground. I then went to filter - blur - guassian blur - 0.8. I then again used the adjustment brush and painted in black except for the water. Hope you like what I've done.
09/05/2012 - 2:28 PM

Hand In Hand

Hand In HandNice image, but a little too bright. I've also cropped the image, as it's the couple you are trying to concentrate on, not everything else going on to the left. With the crop, the image concentrates on the couple, rather than the eye wandering off to other parts. I made some adjustment in Photoshop, with a levels adjustment and brightness and contrast, which I feel brings the image out a little better. Hope you like it.
08/05/2012 - 2:59 PM

Titanic quarter

Titanic quarterHi Billy, best image you've taken. You've got your camera settings right and come up trumps, well done. I've done a mod for you and reduced the brighness of the pavement area by adjusting it in Photoshop camera raw, using the adjustment brush, as this targets the area you want to adjust, rather than the whole image. I've also made adjustments to the sky, again with the adjustment brush to given the clouds more definition and depth. If you have a ND filter this may improve your images by cutting down the bright area's in your shots or maybe a polarizing filter. Again, it's trial and error until you get them how you want it. Hope you like the mod and now you've raised the bar with this image, you need to keep up the good work. Well done.
07/05/2012 - 4:53 PM


BallylumfordHi Billy, I see you're at it again with large ISO's and fast shutter speeds. I've done a mod on your first image cropped it, then used camera raw. I adjusted highlights to bring back more definition to your clouds, adjusted whites and black. I then pained the sky with the adjustment brush and increased the luminance in noise reduction. This helps take away the artifacts you have on your image. Hope this helps, but please bring down your ISO and shutter speeds for these types of shots. High ISO's don't help to get clear shots. Also, try an aperture setting of around f4, as this will let more light into your shot.
View from Castlerigg over DerwentwaterHi John, a fabulous image, but we all suffer with the dreaded white-out skies. One way round it is take several images at different exposures, then either use HDR software or Photoshop. I've made a few adjustments in PS CS6, in camera raw, by adjusting highlights, shadows etc. Hope this is of help.
03/05/2012 - 1:45 PM

In a Flap

In a FlapHow did you manage to get a shot like that at 1/80 second @ 200mm? Your shutter speed should have been around 1/300, not 1/80. You would find using a higher shutter speed, the wings would then have been better focused. I take it your camera is a 1.6 crop? Maybe using an ISO of around 400 instead of 100 would have worked better. Hope this helps, but not a bad image.
29/04/2012 - 10:27 AM

Melbourne side streets.

Melbourne side streets.In situations like this Jamie, you could take 3 shots by under and over exposing, so you will get all three elements rolled into one. Darks, highlights and midtones. You also seem to be using a very high ISO at 1600. Maybe you might have been better taking the shot at f8, rather than f18. I've had a quick look and you have too much noise in your darker areas of the images, which you tend to get at high ISO's. As an image, it brings you into a busy city with buildings towering above the people hurrying around with their daily lives. I'll do a mod for you as well, so hope you like it.
18/04/2012 - 11:34 PM

Blonde girl

Blonde girlJust a small tip, look at your model, she is arching and can see that under her right arm is squeezed causing unsightly ripples of the skin. You would not see this with either a good amateur or a pro. Take a closer look at your model. Make sure she is comfortable with the pose and nothing unseemly happening. Portrait and nude photography is not an easy subject. Lighting is one of the most important factors and is learnt over many shots. Some photographers never get to a reasonable standard with this type of photography. You need a good quality prime lens with a large aperture to be able to get good shots in poor lighting, around f1.8 or so. Hope this is of some help and you improve your portait photography.
Happy snapping