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Hi and thanks for dropping by.
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  • Little girls nightmare

    Hi Malc,
    I was trying to get the horseman to look as though he was riding just above the ground to make it look a little surreal, but thanks for your comments, much appreciated
    • 12 May 2015 6:39PM
  • Roque Cinchado and Mount Teide - Tenerife Temptations image 1

    Teide is the third highest volcano in the World and is the most visited area on the Island of Tenerife. If you had climbed the rough steps to the left, you would have got a better image of Roque Cinchado, as the angle of it is far more visible. Nevertheless, a nice image.

    I live here on Tenerife and have visited the Teide National Park many times with clients who have been on my photography workshops.
    • 28 Mar 2015 10:25AM
  • wonderland 1

    Maybe using original images of your animals and your background would have made this composition more realistic, rather than props. Hope this helps.
    • 27 Feb 2015 8:43AM
  • Jennie

    Just one thing that does not work, the girl. You have a bright yellow and orange sky, but the girl has none of this cast on her.
    • 14 Feb 2015 10:23AM

    I like the image, but it's a little overdone on the HDR. You can see the sky how it's got too much noise and there's a glow around the large chimney.
    • 14 Feb 2015 10:19AM
  • Big yellow bird

    My new Tom tom go 5000 sat nav is coming with DHL, but I've never seen one of their planes in Tenerife!
    • 13 Feb 2015 1:47PM
  • Tramonto in Venice

    Nice image, but unfortunately the water has a strong refection of the sun on it. These are the tell-tale signs that can make a composition stand out. We all learn by mistakes and hopefully we improve along the way.
    Good luck
    • 30 Jan 2015 4:19PM
  • A night at the castle

    Thanks for the comments. I did darken the underneath of the car. Maybe what you are seeing is the grass and dust flying up caused by the car tyres? I would have to maybe look at images with bright street lights to see how shadows would look, as these are pretty close together and it's well lit. We never stop learning and that's the great thing about photography and compositions.
    • 23 Jan 2015 11:03AM
  • Land Army Girls

    I'm afraid the sky is not right and as the others have pointed out, their feet are not grounded in the mud. There's also grass around the wooden post, which gives it away. Go onto Youtube at this link This is Glyn Dewis and he's a top Photoshop expert who will give you free tutorials to watch and I'm sure he will improve your work.
    Hope this helps.

    • 19 Jan 2015 5:05PM
  • Happy New Year

    Ade, this is brilliant. It really hits you full on. Maybe one of the best images I've seen from you.
    happy New Year
    • 1 Jan 2015 10:49AM
  • Emily

    Certain parts of her body have light hitting her, but she is in a shaded area. It's the small things in compositions that give them away, I know as I do the same sometimes. You have to really look at your compositions to try and get them as natural as possible. Good luck with your other comps
    • 13 Dec 2014 10:54AM
  • Stockport Mill

    Have you removed the original sky and replaced it with this one? There seems to be one or two tell tale signs it has been.
    • 29 Oct 2014 5:30PM
  • View across St Moritzersee

    Like the shot, but maybe if you had not given the water the HDR, it may have even better. It just detracts from the image, which I like a lot.
    • 29 Oct 2014 11:00AM
  • The look

    Sorry, but over processed, the whites of the eyes too bright, skin over done. Shame, as the model and the angle is good. Upload it again with a more natural look, which I'm sure will be a winner.
    • 28 Oct 2014 5:06PM
  • Overlooking Amos

    A great image, but why oh why did you not straighten your horizon? It's leaning from left to right. A fantastic shot spoilt by not checking it properly.Sad
    • 23 Oct 2014 10:56AM
  • Ready steady go...

    Sorry Nathan, but this just does not do anything for me. A kid of 5 can grab a camera, point, shoot and come up with this. I don't mind people putting a motion blur into a shot, as long as the subject is crisp and clear and the rest blurred. To me, it's just a bad photo taken by a poor photographer. There is no skill in blurring an image. Sorry mate, but you are 100 times better than this.
    • 14 Oct 2014 9:11AM
  • Semaphore

    Your female in the image is too bright and does not blend in with the background. You need to blend the female image lighting the same as your background. She also looks too tall and the perspective is not right. Go to this LINK on perspective and this LINK on light on Youtube. Hope it helps.
    • 13 Oct 2014 10:06AM
  • Fredau

    A nice image, but I would have been tempted to check the white balance, as it appears to have a green cast. Unless that's the mood you were looking for? Still gets my vote.
    • 12 Oct 2014 10:38AM

    You seem to have a green cast. Maybe a quick white balance will do the trick.
    • 10 Oct 2014 11:01AM
  • Shoe

    Don't you get vertigo or Acrophobia wearing some of those shoes?Wink Or are you just short in stature?Blush
    • 5 Oct 2014 10:47AM
  • More Vermont Foliage

    It's a great autumnal shot, but if it was possible to open the image up, whereas the image was more distant with the winding road, then it would have been an amazing shot. Hope you understand what I'm trying to get over.
    • 3 Oct 2014 10:08AM
  • The Fishermans Lantern

    Fabulous light and tones
    • 29 Sep 2014 3:53PM
  • Durdle Door Sunbeams

    The image gets my vote, but maybe warming it up, just a little, may enhance this shot even more.
    • 29 Sep 2014 8:56AM
  • Mill Brook Valley

    I love the shot as the reservoir leads you through the shot, but the wall is dark and it looks as though a part of the of the image is missing. Maybe by bringing more detail into this area will work even better. HDR?
    • 29 Sep 2014 8:52AM
  • The Tree

    It's a good shot, but maybe if the water was more prominent, rather than a white and grey blur.
    • 31 Aug 2014 10:46AM
  • Working my corner.

    I would have thought if it was made into a night scene with the lamp on, it would make it more realistic? I certainly like the grungy feel to it.
    • 29 Aug 2014 10:43AM
  • Sunrise in Palmer, AK

    If you could bring out more detail in the foreground, this would be a stunning shot.
    • 20 Aug 2014 2:06PM
  • Red haired model - v2

    Looks like it's been overdone in Photoshop.
    • 24 Jun 2014 10:05AM
  • Windmill in moonlight

    I like the shot, but the colours and shadows are all wrong. How do you get orange on the windmill? I have never seen a orange coloured sky caused by the moon either. The windmill looks like you have used the dodge and burn tool. The large tree is lit by some sort of light, but the other parts of the foreground are dark.

    I am not trying to blow you out of the water with this, but if you are doing composites like this, you need to make them realistic. As I said previously, I like the shot and I am sure if you get the light and what I've pointed out right, it would be a stunning shot. I look forward to seeing some more of your work.

    • 28 May 2014 9:09AM
  • Window light

    A beautiful piece of workmanship and the images are not bad too! Wink
    • 26 May 2014 2:30PM