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A quick view of qosmio's recent activity.

  • Portrait...

    superb lighting.
    • 28 Dec 2018 5:01PM
  • Wannes.

    Great portrait.
    • 3 Feb 2018 9:36PM
  • Drinking.

    Excellent capture of knowing the truth. A look of defiance.
    • 10 Jan 2018 10:02PM
  • A Book of Enlightenment

    Excellent use of light to capture the figure. Also great clarity in the image.
    • 10 Jan 2018 7:17AM
  • Shopping for Men

    • 7 Jan 2018 10:16PM
  • Shadows

    Great capture. Superb light and contrast.
    • 5 Jan 2018 9:13AM
  • Looking Back.

    Excellent mono.
    • 3 Jan 2018 9:41AM
  • Fantastic portraits beautifully photographed.
  • Excellent portfolio some really original images.
    • Posted on mex's profile
    • 7 May 2017 7:22PM
  • Superb portfolio. An excellent example of street photography.
  • Thanks Willie for your advice - I am going to do as you and Fraser suggest and do a mod.
  • Excellent PF - especially the mono images.
  • Superb PF. The clarity and detail in your images is something I can only aspire to. Thanks for the comments you have made on some of my images. From a photographer with so obvious a talent it is heartening.
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 30 Aug 2009 8:05PM
  • Excellent and varied portfolio.
    • Posted on BeiK's profile
    • 19 May 2009 7:33PM
  • Exceptional PF - some wonderful characters.
  • Thanks for the comments on Kites. Looked through your PF and there are some superb images. I especially like the architectural shots particularily Walk through.
  • Thanks for the comments on Kites - had a look at your portfolio and there some really good images, especially the flower close ups.
    • Posted on maryg's profile
    • 21 Mar 2009 5:37PM