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15/06/2010 - 1:14 AM


LAST STEPReally nice image - well put together - I may have done a slightly different crop to remove the very top step above her as I find the brightness drags my eye from the subject to that corner. Possibly a little more bounce (detail) would also lift it just a tad. Great effort - Well Done - Andy
13/06/2010 - 2:24 PM


THE HAWKERRahul, what did Carol say about processing? - Lost me!! - my comment was simply about the composition – which I did not find great, as this image stands, I can see the intention of the image as you took it but for me it does not work – sorry if we offended you - Andy
28/05/2010 - 8:03 AM


STREET FACEI did find that with a little contrast adjustment plus ahadow and midtone dodging of the eye area - you could really bring the eyes in to play a lot more. - Cheers Andy
02/05/2010 - 1:36 AM

Young Lioness

Young LionessReally Nice Capture and pose. I do think you are robbing yourself a little in the processing as this image has some beautiful highlights in the paws, the ears and the tree that appear to be a little flat.
This is not a crit but if you have PS or an editor try this
1. Do an exposure adjustment to +.2
2. Do a curves adjustment setting the white pointer to about 218.
This works really well on my colour calibrated monitor - and does make the detail and the image bounce - perhaps it is just me - (anyone else find this image a little flat) - see what you think - just trying to help -
15/04/2010 - 1:16 AM


-Hi Ellie - like the concept of the image but for me - it is a little bit messy and the perspectives are annoying.
Shame about the person in the middle - could have really done without them, guess that is street photography as you can hardly tell them to "P### Off".

Did a tighter cropped version for you as an idea.
Cheers take care - have fun on your trip. - Andy
02/03/2010 - 2:21 PM

Heavy load

Heavy loadHi Ellie - Something attracts me to the image but there are a few things I find not quite right.
The image appears out of level and has some barrel distortion - look at the light pole and the front building with the steeple.
The bin in the bottom right I found a distraction.
As for the composition I personally have a few issues - the road appears too straight and dead ends very low almost centre - to me the people (who appear to be the focus) are too low in the image, and the left side is not offering much at all, other than a reasonable lead through the image .

All this said - I played with the image and found it was hard to get a good crop especially if you wanted to place the people on the 1/3 line, as this cut off the buildings - really nothing you can do much about the road.

Without going over the top I found a rotation, a lens correction - removing the bin, a bit of a detail and contrast boost with some burn and dodge worked for me.

The real fix I think would have been a slightly different camera angle.
Cheers - stay cool - not a lot of comments so far perhaps this will stimulate some discussion. - Andy
27/01/2010 - 1:13 AM

Mr & Mrs Eiger

Mr & Mrs EigerWhat a great shot especially when you are not totally in control of lighting and props. The expression on her face is great and really sets the tone of the whole scene. A few objects I feel interfere, mainly behind the woman. Just so you do not have to go through the whole thing have put a mod up - so you can see the effect.

Love it - Cheers Andy
26/01/2010 - 3:04 PM

my 2nd shoot

my 2nd shootNice Mono Tones and a good attempt - A couple of comments I hope you find constructive,
1. Crop tighter especially the hat (cute but too bright) - I found just above the rim above the right eye (our view) worked well.
2. I twisted the image to the left a little bit. (about 5 - 10 degrees)
3. I am not a fan of double catchlights or lip shine - personally I would do some work with these. (clone - heal brush - Burn )
4. The shadow (mark) under her left eye (our view) and right forehead can be taken out using a healing brush if you use PS.

Overall it is a pretty good effort as you are new to the studio - the catchlights indicate that your lights were set a little low and possibly too close together.

I had a play with the image in PS and found that with a little effort, you actually have a really nice image.

Cheers - Hope the comments help - Andy
26/01/2010 - 1:56 PM


UntitledI think Richard (richsr) is spot on - with the comment on the Bra strap and the brightness of the colours - 30's - 40's - well they did not have colour but did have a practice of hand painting portraits with oil paints over a sepia print - It was all the fashion and of course the old vignette. - as far as the photo goes the subject is great for the era and the lighting is also good - dress is good - possibly a little bright - still a good effort - will upload a mod with some toned colours - Cheers and well done - andy (never seen so many mods)
13/01/2010 - 12:41 AM


-The lighting is pretty good. However, for me I do see a couple of issues that you may want to look at. The double catch lights in the eyes – I am not a fan of so I believe I would remove the lower set – then a little dodging of the iris area just to bring them up a bit.
The shadow under the left eye and the dark line under the right eye do not appeal to me so I would either lighten them by dodging or use the healing brush and remove them.
When I look at the subject I get a feeling of someone who was apprehensive about having the shot done – maybe wrong – but that is the feeling I get from the expression and the eyes.

We all see things differently – Cheers Andy
10/01/2010 - 8:45 AM

Winter at the Farmhouse

Winter at the FarmhouseReally Nice shot and I love it - My comment would be that it appears to have a perspective issue - the pole on the left and the wall of the farm house to the left - small points but worth looking at and correcting for me - Cheers Andy
04/01/2010 - 8:18 AM


ShaniceI like the overall angle of the shot - you have a few issues in the image - which is a shame but could be corrected - models makeup flaws - lips and eye makeup - colour cast on shadow line - very noticable on the left hand side - I also would take crop some off the bottom of the shot (but that is more of a personal thing) - taking out those points the shot is a pretty good effort for some one learning about using flash - Cheers Andy
30/12/2009 - 4:51 AM

Light House Wave

Light House WaveInteresting and quite well thought out image - for me the image has been spoilt by too much noise (an issue with many filters) - still worth a vote - cheers Andy
11/11/2009 - 12:14 AM

Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)

Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)Nicely composed - sharp shot.

I did find the spot at the start of the tail a little distracting so I have uploaded a mod without it.
In doing the mod I noticed some noise also.
PS - Was a quick mod - so a little sloppy but should relay the idea.
09/11/2009 - 11:59 PM

Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Robin (Erithacus rubecula)This is a really nice image - however it appears a little soft.

TIP - After you resize your image for EP - it can loose some detail especially if you use photoshop image size.

The tip went on to say - run the PS FILTER - SHARPEN - SHARPEN following the resize, pretty quick but for images like this with fine detail makes a huge different when you post them.

Not sure if you knew this - but I tried it on your image and it really did make a difference.

05/11/2009 - 12:13 AM

Autumn Colour

Autumn ColourNice Image - Good Tones - Great composition and positioning of points of interest.

Perhaps the horizon is a little central, but rules are made to be broken.. works OK in this one, but I can see another tighter crop working also.

Not sure you really need the dark bottom with those great relections in the water happening.

Great to see an image that can go so many different ways.

16/09/2009 - 2:09 PM

Life's a breeze II...

Life's a breeze II...Really Nice crop - George and lots happening in the photo.

You have moved to a new league with your images, but now you have to pay attention to detail.

1. A darker background would have worked better, adding even more to the hair lighting (which is great)
2. Perhaps a little less smile would have enhanced the mouth and especially the eyes, they have some un-attractive dark areas under them ( a bit of trickery in PS could work but doing it at the time is always better)
3. I would have shot it without the top, nothing showing but just leaving something for the viewers imagination.
4. I still feel you need to cool the highlights a little ( I know tough model)

You get better it gets harder.

Good image but you are moving up.

15/08/2009 - 2:46 PM


MusicianHi Kev

You have asked for a critique so I will comment as best I can. You heard the music, unfortunately we did not – so while the image may have memories for you and is a good snap to remember those by – to us (the viewer) it really does not give a lot.

The camera angle does not engage us at all with what the musician is doing or even that he playing an instrument – the person standing behind him is distracting.

It appears that to the players left is a wall or building so I believe that you should have been towards the other side of the player, using the building as a backdrop.

A lower camera angle would have got you under his hat and allowed you to show the face of the musician, yet still get the instrument in the image.

Perhaps this was not possible, but position of the others in the photo suggests that it was.

In these types of shots you have to build atmosphere to engage the viewer’s attention, depth of field comes in to play if you have people in the background,They can actually assist in creating the atmosphere of the image, but the musician must still remains the centre of attention.
All the best with your future shots - Andy
08/07/2009 - 8:26 AM

The old sailor 2

The old sailor 2Hi Ellie

Nice couple of shots

the way I see it (we are all different)

No 1. I feel you have half a shot too much in this one and possibly a few degrees CCW would help on the other half.

NO 2. I would get rid of the car on the left together with the left post set the guy on the left third corner border and "tough one" get rid of the black post on the right - Bit of cloning practice. Think that you could also darken up the shadows and highlights a tad- this would help take the background down and add a little more interest and detail in the hair.

For what it is worth I do not have a POW award.

08/07/2009 - 2:00 AM

Sunrise over Derwent Water

Sunrise over Derwent WaterNice image - and very well shot -

Future changes - I do find the left side of the image distracting.
the dark reeds and the dark mountain behind. For me the post moving higher than the horizon line and in to that dark mountain further draws me to that area.

I can see a crop with the left around the third post in, this I feel would fix that side but then you get the added issue of the rock and it's dark shawdow - plus the muck in the water.

Not sure how that will work - you may have to work hard with that area to get it all to come together. Not sure that I would be cropping too much of the sky - may need a tad just to balance the shot and keep the horizon line higher than centre.

Cheers - Nice Image