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Hi. Thanks for dropping by.
Hope you enjoy looking through my pics. Any comments gratefully received.
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  • The Wall

    I like the different textures in this shot.
    • 5 Aug 2008 6:50PM
  • Blue Tit

    I like all the colours in this shot.
    • 5 Aug 2008 6:44PM
  • Hidden corner of Ullswater

    I like the reflections in the water.
    • 4 Aug 2008 9:07PM
  • Chaffinch

    You can only really appreciate the colours of a chaffinch when you see one in a photograph like this! Fab.
    • 4 Aug 2008 9:04PM
  • Harrop Tarn

    I love the 'slopes' (wrong word I know) above Thirlmere... until one of those fighter jet thingies go whizzing past!! Nice shot John.
    • 4 Aug 2008 9:00PM
  • A wet summer so far

    Thanks for all the comments on this my first photo on epz.
    • 4 Aug 2008 8:56PM
  • First attempt

    Thanks for the comments folks. I think I need to upgrade my camera - I have no way of adjusting the focus on it... either that or do I need a tripod to avoid the camera shake? Cheers.
    • 4 Aug 2008 8:53PM
  • sleep

    Ahh, like little book ends Smile
    • 3 Aug 2008 9:18PM
  • my dog

    Looks as though he was enjoying himself Smile
    • 3 Aug 2008 9:16PM
  • Bumble

    The flower was just made for him!
    • 3 Aug 2008 9:14PM
  • Peas in a pod

    Different! Smile
    • 3 Aug 2008 9:12PM
  • sunset 2

    What a dramatic sky! Like it Smile
    • 3 Aug 2008 9:12PM
  • Hello Duckie

    Thanks Tony Smile
    • 3 Aug 2008 8:56PM
  • Mizen Head..

    I've just been looking at your gallery Robert and am really taken with the sky in each of your pictures. From a novice's point of view they're absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing them.
    • 2 Aug 2008 2:11PM
  • Spud

    This portrait of Spud is absolutely gorgeous... look at the colour of his (or her, sorry) eyes and how the whiskers stand out against the black, the varying textures and the whole composition. Thank you.
    • 2 Aug 2008 1:50PM
  • Kestrel

    What a handsome chap... but he's not sure about the bloke with the camera!
    • 2 Aug 2008 11:35AM
  • Osteospermum

    Thanks mollye - I was quite chuffed with the angle myself Smile
    • 2 Aug 2008 11:29AM
  • Tree @ Buttermere

    Love the colours Smile
    • 1 Aug 2008 12:00PM
  • Bells Beach

    I love the sheer energy in your photo!
    • 1 Aug 2008 11:58AM