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Back after a long gap - EPZ was taking over my life! Good to be back and seeing all the amazing images. All very inspiring. Although I feel a bit more confident these days and have taken the camera off auto, I still have so much to learn and would be very grateful for any tips and constructive criticism.
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  • Stourhead lake

    What a beautiful scene.
    • 9 Sep 2011 8:39AM
  • Minster Yard

    Just stumbled upon your gallery. you have some really interesting stuff here. Just shows the skill and vision of the photographer is more important than having all the most expensive equipment. Well done you
    • 6 Sep 2011 5:20PM
  • Feed me!

    Quote:Beautiful shot Rachael captured at the perfect moment. My only thought ( just a personal opinion ) is that it is cropped just a tad too tight. You have fabulous detail on the birds but they do have the appearance of being tightly constrained. If the original would allow you could perhaps have shown a little more of the habitat.
    I stress this is not a criticism but just a personal view.

    Thanks Ron. I am very happy to receive any sort of feedback, especially from someone with wildlife shots of the quality of yours.
    I fully agree about the crop, but the surroundings didn't allow a wider view, just more bird feeders and other garden distractions.
    • 4 Sep 2011 8:01PM
  • Kingfisher

    Both brilliant. I am totally jealous - could only dream of getting a couple of shots like this.
    • 2 Sep 2011 8:05PM
  • Rose crop

    ABsolutely beautiful. Love the full frame composition. you have really caught the velvety texture and depth of colour
    • 2 Sep 2011 8:03PM
  • At Rest

    Lovely shot. Like the close crop, full frame composition
    • 2 Sep 2011 8:02PM
  • Gatekeeper (Pyronia tithonus)

    Great detail
    • 2 Sep 2011 8:01PM
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  • WHat a fascinating collection of beautifully taken photographs. Great stuff!
    • Posted on JOKEN's profile
    • 30 Aug 2011 8:10AM
  • Thank you for your kind words on my butterfly shot. I am glad it led me to your portfolio. I fully agree with Mick - some really good stuff here.
    • Posted on Jasper87's profile
    • 29 Aug 2011 11:20AM
  • Your portfolio is stunning. The detail, timing and compositions are all first class. I am very envious.
    • Posted on teocali's profile
    • 23 Aug 2011 11:11AM
  • Lovely portfolio of nature shots. I especially love the birds
    • Posted on Len1950's profile
    • 23 Aug 2011 10:09AM
  • Great portfolio! Really interesting images superbly captured. Very inspiring
    • Posted on Cormy's profile
    • 23 Aug 2011 8:55AM
  • What a brilliant portfolio. Your birds are fabulous
    • Posted on shaver's profile
    • 22 Aug 2011 10:30PM
  • Great portfolio. Amazing variety and mastery of so many styles and techniques. Very inspiring
  • THis is a superb portfolio Mike. Wonderful wildlife shots
  • What a stunning portfolio. Full of beautiful shots of birds I have never seen before - lovely!
    • Posted on Gezina's profile
    • 22 Aug 2011 6:12PM
  • What a brilliant portfolio. Full of fantastic action of both the human and animal kind