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A quick view of rachepix's recent activity.

  • Horses 2012 [ #2 ]

    Fantastic capture !
    • 8 Feb 2013 3:09PM
  • Stitchwort

    nice,well lit
    • 2 May 2011 12:04AM
  • Nest Building

    cool nicely caught
    • 1 May 2011 11:58PM
  • Trapped Cranefly

    nice detail, well caught, by you and the spider !!
    • 1 May 2011 11:55PM
  • Cloisters, Glasgow University

    nice pic, i love the colours
    • 2 Oct 2010 3:29PM
  • Shady hollow

    nice, love the mossy setting
    • 29 Sep 2010 2:22PM
  • Nibbles

    ahh cute nibbles, cool pose
    • 28 Sep 2010 1:09PM
  • you have a beautiful collection of flora here nice work, I love it,
    • Posted on akh's profile
    • 7 Dec 2007 8:52PM
  • you have some beautiful work, nice one
  • wow your folio is absolutely stunning, love it so much it is all brilliant especially the birds, well no all of it. you are an inspiration and i love your quote in your about bit, nice one i will remember that.
    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 22 Oct 2007 11:40PM
  • loved your website so creative and imaginitive, i read biography and your influences and i like what you,re saying about getting ideas, inspiration and info from the media and other artists and taking the elements that are of interest and use to you and using these ideas in your own work, so true, great stuff
  • you have some beautiul work in you portfolio, i'm sure you are enjoying your camera much, I'm envious wish i coud have an outta body experience like that, maybee soon but it won,t be as expensive as yours. ha !!
  • you have some wonderful wildlife photos, especialy love the deer shot, nice one