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  • Folds

    • 10 Mar 2011 4:15PM
  • The Economist Group

    Thanks both, I agree to some extent with both of your comments. I wasn't entirely happy with the composition I was getting with the 16-35 and this was the best compromise I could get to on the day. I am also concerned by the level of distortion sooo, I've sold the 16-35 and am buying 17mm TS-E.

    I will be going back in a week or two...
    • 18 Feb 2011 9:30AM
  • Mixed Light Question

    Thanks Steve, great feedback. The Trust was happy but I know the images ought to be better.

    I think the point about introducing as little light as possible is well made. It's the first time I've lit an interior and there were a bunch of other lessons learned about reflections and the like which cost me a couple of the set-ups.

    As atmosphere wasn't as important as detail, the critical thing was to lift the wood, but I could have done better and yes No. 3 shows this best. I could have kept all the detail without blitzing it to that extent.

    I'll give the exposure blending thing a go and I'll try and take the comments about custom WB on board.
    • 8 Dec 2010 8:51AM
  • urban sunset

    Morning Marc.

    Nice image this, reminds me of Gianni Galassi
    • 26 Oct 2010 9:26AM
  • game - o v e r

    Not bad, would have been better without the fat guy Wink

    Seriously, it a fun day and good to see you again.
    • 23 Sep 2010 11:50AM
  • [drug city]

    The trainers in the top right really make this, adding an element of narrative. I can imagine this being in any town and I don't think it would matter if this is a found scene or a set up.

    Nice portfolio too, the narrative element to a lot of the shots is welcome.
    • 10 Jun 2010 1:55PM
  • Engineering the Pier

    Thaks to all, especially Pete.

    I have Taken on board the comment about getting more information by use of another image comped the main one with and a touch of Photoshop's Highlight & Shadow tool. I have also adjusted the crop, going some way to placing the 'V' more centrally as I'm finding a 5x4 format is working better for the portrait shots in this project.
    • 7 Jun 2010 1:54PM
  • Superb portfolio... you really shouldn't be allowed on here!