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Meteoric Dawn

By RAPjones
A November sunrise outside my house produced a unique cloud formation which lasted about half an hour. I ran outside with my camera...

Tags: Street photography Photo journalism Black and white Landscape and travel

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18 Dec 2010 5:08AM
Splendid situation , well recorded . A life time image.

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Grampy 8 507 71 England
18 Dec 2010 8:39AM
Hi and welcome
As this seems to be your first upload,I can tell you that there is no need to ruin photos by adding your logo over the image, with the resouloution we upload with there is no risk of anyone stealing your images.
Now as to the photo well I like it and the only change I would make is too crop it a little off the bottom probably a little above your name.
I hope this helps and have a great Christmas
CathR 11 151 564 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2010 1:49PM
Welcome to the site Roger. Thanks for the upload.

This is a quite spectacular cloud formation. I have never seen anything like it before. Your ultra wide angle has distorted the house chimmneys on the left and the telegraph pole but I don't think it matters as the the cloud formations are so out of the unusual. It just adds to the quirkiness of the shot.

Hope you like the Sigma. I am just about to buy one!

Good luck with your photography and I hope you enjoy the site.

Best wishes

Eviscera 11 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2010 4:11PM
Thats a real nice image , great p.o.v and stark contrast between the static an fluid.

Dont be put off by the logo comments , some bang on about them them all the time , but in this case they are not intrusive.

Might be an idea to try a few crops to balance the percentage of the frame with light and dark , experiment with unusual aspect ratios but keeping composition in mind.
Eviscera 11 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2010 4:28PM
Frank , you are getting on my nerves with dead straight horizon advice , topaz global adjustments as mods , strict r.o.t and logo moans.

See the wood from the trees and help the creative photographers who post to the c.g.
dormay 7 1
18 Dec 2010 4:44PM
Hello My eye was drawn to this immediately with the fantastic cloud formation. I dont think much wants changing with this except perhaps taking off some of the dark base. Well done. Barbara
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2010 4:57PM
Hi guys & gals. Thanks for the interesting comments... I will go and have a look at composition, that's the kind of stuff I'm interested in, particularly with a silhouette shot like this when the focal point is really just the cloud formation. It’s a tricky shot to balance… And Cath’s comment on the parallax you get with such a wide lens, which I also don’t mind at all in this instance: fairly unavoidable unless the horizon is bang on centre of shot… It’s a remarkably good value lens you are about to buy Cath ;o)

Ok… The watermarking: I knew I would get the comments after reading what was said about the ‘fireworks on the lake shot’… BUT with all due respect to those who have mentioned the obvious, I have to disagree with you. I really hate ‘defacing’ my work but I have had 55 shots stolen and used on the internet this year!!! It is very, very stressful. And I can assure you that a 600pix wide shot is plenty big enough for website use… I used to only put my name credit at the bottom but anyone can crop that off. I now have to put subtle watermarks within the frame in strategic positions so that only the most seasoned Photoshopper could remove them. I managed to resolve my stolen photos from Facebook very quickly (they take Intellectual Copyright theft very seriously): the offender was reprimanded in just 2.5 hours… When you discover your photos on other’s websites, which has also happened to me, the best way to get ‘heavy’ with the offender is to email the website host and it sure does help to have your copyright on the photos in question… I rest my case. Photo theft is rife!

Kind regards to all
Ingleman 11 9 4
18 Dec 2010 8:02PM
Well done, a great shot. Dramatic sky, works well as a mono but I wonder what the colour version looks like...cheers

RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2010 11:18PM
Thanx Andy...the reason I went for mono in this case is because I upped the contrast so much to show off the cloud form that the red grain became too prominent and the colours freaked. I took about 100 shots so I hope to produce a colour version soon and the effect is far more subtle. Unfortunately the street architecture isn't too attractive...
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 11:57AM
Dear Focus-Man, once again, you are not seeing the whole picture: I sell my photos for web site use as well as hi res prints. And I do not want to go through the stress and waist of time that dealing with these abusive criminals involves, ever again!!
Your claim that it is a form of advertising is rediculous as the photos are linked to my name. I suggest you leave it to the staff of EPZ to 'police' the site.
You have got on the nerves of two people now, I suggest you go and get on the nerves of someone else and stop bickering in the photo-comments section of my image.
As you say: 'EPZ is for photographs' ...not bickering
You are enough to put some people off from joining and staying with the site.
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 12:14PM
Thanx for the Crop-Mod, Eviscara. I see what you are getting at with composition... The trouble is I was trying hard to emphasize that the cloud formation looked a bit like a meteoric explosion emanating from the sun and your crop removes the fact that it was a circular type formation… That’s all ;o)
wolf1964 12 5 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 12:33PM
I think this shot is stunning! Nicely done.

Copyright tagging's a must to protect the trade of the photographer - ignore the people that keep harping on about removing them mate Smile Add the © by your name though mate or use the word 'copyright'?

Happy Holidays

RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 12:54PM
Thanx Wolf, for your compliment and your support.

May your holiday be happy too.

RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 1:36PM
Focus Man, you just don't know when to stop...
The more you write, the more you seem like a sad man who just has to have the last say. WE DISAGREE WITH YOU! You have had your say now go away.
Everyone is entitled to do what they want with what thay own.
And besides, you are retired and therefor know nothing of what it is like to do business on the internet and also it doesn't matter if your photos are pinched!! And as I have already said, photo theft is rife.
Now will you stop abusing this comments section with your bickering. You have made your comment but you keep reiterating it. Take your debate to a forum...
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 1:56PM

Quote:you are new here so you need to keep a low profile

You gave your 'critique'... Which I accepted and disagreed with...
BUT it would seem that you do not take kindly to anyone disagreeing with you and AS I SAID: You have made your comment but you keep reiterating it. Take your debate to a forum...
You are a pest and seem to be using this part of the site for an ulterior motive
jefc1111 7 9 1
19 Dec 2010 3:02PM
Hi, what a wonderful shot! I must say I prefer the first mod very slightly. I feel that despite the fact it does not highlight the nature of the phenomenon so well that it is graphically superior. In fact I'd crop a tiny bit more from the left and right and also clone out the right-hand telegraph pole..! I think I'm after a slightly different result than you are, but that's ok too Smile
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 3:27PM
Thanx Jefc... I do see what you are getting at and I like your crop. It is a completly diferent image now... It is very difficult to be objective about one's own work... that's why feedback like this is useful and interesting... :o)
Eviscera 11 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 3:34PM
Hi Roger , just popped back and take your point about the constraints of the mod.

Maybe there is room for more tonal latitude then ?

Loaded a mod using an easy action from Chip Springer called paint with light.

[Excerpt relating to abusive PM's removed by moderator]

Keep up the good work , I must say its an unusual reception you have had !
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 4:36PM
Hi Eviscara, thanks for your support [excerpt removed by mod - related to earlier deletion]. I'm not here to bicker, I'm here to interact with like minded people (watermarks or no watermarks) ;oD

I've just taken a peek at some of your work and I have to say I will be taking a good look as soon as I get the time. I am impressed with your style and you are obviously very accompished at post production. I appriciate the post work, coming from a CGI backgrond... To me, your 'about' section was simply enigmatic.

Thanx for doing another mod. I spent ages trying to get the levels right within the clouds... It would seem that your paint with light plug-in has a similar problem to the dodge and burn tools in Pshop: they change the hue of the subject...I had to work with several layers in Pshop to avoid this happening... I even had to take some parts from RAW and others from Jpeg... Tis all part of my learning curve...

Ciao, my friend ;o)
discreetphoton 13 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 4:49PM
I've deleted a few posts, and before this continues, please take note of the following points:

1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, provided it is delivered in a polite and constructive manner.
2. Similarly, everyone is entitled to protect their work however they see fit. Copyright theft can and does happen, even here. There are no rules against copyrighting your work, even in the critique gallery. There are hundreds of valid reasons for and against their use.
3. Stating an alternative opinion is great. Belittling the opinions of everyone who disagrees with you is against the rules of the forum.
4. PM's are never to be used to abuse another member. You have been warned.
5. Critique points are a guideline, and are not moderated. Much like votes, they are not intended to be used as a status symbol.
6. Please respect the opinions of the poster, as well as the opinions of those offering critique. Ultimately they are opinions, and may be taken onboard or not. Once people have stated their case, there is no need to keep flogging the horse.

Please note that these points apply to both sides of the divide, and let's stop the petty bickering. It is harmful to the atmosphere of the site, and helps no-one. Any issues between members should be raised via report, not discussed on gallery pages or open fora.

Hopefully no-one will be put off their activities on the site.Thank you.
Eviscera 11 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 5:14PM
Ok Smile

Happy Chrismas .
RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 6:13PM
Many thanks for the intervention, moderator. It is appreciated.

Christmas greetings to all ;o)
NEWMANP 10 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2010 10:06PM
hello Roger
and may i take this opportunity to wish you a warm welcome to the wonderful world of Epz.

i have taken my time to get involved here because i do not like to see this type of conversation turning to dispute and i am really sorry that you have become embroiled in what is quite a rare argument. I hope you do not get the wrong impression of this excellent and usually very friendly site.

you have to understand that you have opted by choice to upload into the critique gallery, the alternative is to upload directly into the gallery where it will be viewed just the same, but may not attract as much critique.

you will note that there is an official critique team, and it is our job is to offer constructive critisism on images posted to the critique gallery. Additionaly any member may also offer their view. It is a two way learning process and those making comments learn from the process too.

There are guide lines to uploading to the critique gallery and i like to think that any views are given in good faith and they should be given in a respectful and constructive manner. The critique gallery is therefore most helpful to beginners, but not exclusively for their use.

If you feel so strongly about watermarking your images, of course its your privelige, however i have uploaded over 500 to this site and have never had any theft at all, neither am i familiar with any of the many pros on site who have lost work in this way. in fact i would sooner have them stolen than upload them with defacing but thats my opinion. you must agree too that to view an image that is covered in text is a compromise at best. but we should not be slavish about this, but i feel sure that most people who would comment may mention this to you.

Clearly the dispute is due the fact that it has been mentioned, and the statement then questioned, however i dont feel that the tenure in which it was given in the spirit of the critique gallery guidelines any i apologise on behalf of the team. I also aploogise for the delay in moderation.

The image of course is excellent and the cloud formation stunning, the convering vericals is totally acceptable in this instance and the stark contrasty aproach is inspired and i would have done it in just the same way. i saw the image as i went through the gallery and it jumped out then.

i look forward to seeing more uploads,

have a nice Christmas
Tooth 13 5.8k 227 Ireland
20 Dec 2010 2:11AM
Well, Roger, welcome to the site've certainly had a baptism of fire here...I've only just come across this, it's late and I'm tired after doing the Christmas decs, so here goes.

1) as a member of EPZ, a hearty welcome to a superb site which believe it or not is incredibly friendly most of the time..

2) as a member of the Critique team I second Phil's comments above and David the mod's comments..... anyone is entitled to put an opinion, but not to aggressively persevere with it, especially if the poster has given reason to "justify" their stance (not that they need to). As far as critique goes myself, I've little to add..The various crops don't really add much IMO, and I agree with Eviscera's early point.. "stark contrast between the graphic and the fluid".

3) as a member of the []Cloud Appreciation Society[/link] I think this cloud formation is mindblowing, and I'm piuzzles aas to what it is. Is it a static shot (ie short shutter speed?) I presume so cos of the detail in the ends of the "flares".

Anyway, lovely work, welcome again, and to all the other contributors, Season's greetings and a big group hug Smile

RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2010 11:11AM
Many thanx Phil and Stephen... I appreciate your comments ;o)

PS: Stephen, I'll explain those clouds when I get a mo, on a job at present...
Arcticfox 13 22 Scotland
22 Dec 2010 12:42PM
Great shot, wish I had one like it Smile

What a shame to see a battle going on in comments hope they helped!

RAPjones 7 1 1 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2010 12:59PM
A brief explanation of the cloud formation: Before the sun had risen there were fairly standard fluffy/bubbly clouds, not too high, and it was about -7c on the ground… As soon as the sunshine hit and warmed the clouds, the top layer seemed to be vaporized. There was a gentle wind coming my way, just at that level which I think re-cooled that vapor streaking towards me slowly. These streaks then warmed a little, causing the fluffy bits at the ends of the streaks as they re-vaporized… I think ;o)
Source 7
8 Jan 2011 11:44PM
Superb composition and an amazing sky/cloud formation.Works beautifully.

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