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  • Also try the Hong Kong police http://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/contact_us.html

    They were really helpful when I had issues with Digital Rev.
  • The G16 is coming in at a good price at the moment as well so its tipping the balance at the min.
  • that looks ok and I can use my sb800 with it. A bit more expensive and looks like the model is getting on for a couple of year old now but well worth considering.
  • Hi Guys I'm not up to date with the latest cameras etc but am looking to update my point and shoot. I'm thinking the Canon G16 but am normally a Nikon users. Im not looking to spend a fortune 300 is. For camera usage it will be just the normal point and shoot stuff and and about sort of thing. Any thoughts on alternatives etc would be good to get your thoughts.
  • Im looking to sell a Nikon AFS TC 17E11 only used a couple of times.
  • Have you tried with another browser?
  • Has anyone ever packaged and sent large items. I'm planning on selling a set of studio lights that come in a zipped canvas case/bag but I cant think how best to package for postage should that be used. Security of the item is an issue and any simple packaging could get damaged etc. Has anyone sent this sort of thing by post and if so how did you do it. Ta.
  • Something similar happened to a friend. The other person admitted responsibility and then there was no communication. Then the insurance companies went for a 50/50 fault and after two yrs it has just gone to court where it was proved that the other driver was lying and the claim was revered to a no fault claim.
  • I think the danger is in your initial post. They dont want professional posed photos but you then state they want getting ready shots, the ceremony and some later when the band is playing so whilst they do not want a professional they still want the full service. That to me says they don't want to pay for a pro but want a full package and there is the point of alarm. I have done a few weddings for friends and family - some went well and a couple not so well due to bad weather conditions however, all were very happy with their pics. I wont do it anymore for the simple reason the pressure to get it right. out ways anything else and if you are also a guest you will not be able to enjoy the day as you will feel on duty all the time. I would suggest you take your camera but only for casual shots as anyone else would take, therefore they get some nice pics but you are not seen as the photographer for the day.
  • Bodmin Jail is worth a look.
  • East, take the Fuji and you have two weeks to get used to it.
  • Very good - just like the nikon v canon debate. Never known anyone who can tell between the two images put side by side.
  • I think if you have not used it for a long period and it is just collecting dust then you will probably never use it, especially as kit develops and you invest in newer kit. I have also been giving thought to selling unused kit but life always gets in the way so the kit never goes for sale. I have a used once sigma 105mm macro lens waiting to go for sale as I have no use for it. Sat next to me now. Just don't seem to get round to puttin git up for sale. Perhaps this thread will make me do it.
  • I can see it, but heres another link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnOHmehDcU0
  • How to rob a lens!

  • as in #ffffff - cheers
  • Thats great thanks. Can I use an html colour,
  • Can someone give me some PS advice please. I wish to change a jpeg to a sketch look. So far if I open a jpeg and then select filter/sketch/photocopy this gives me the look i wish. However, the image is now grey with white features. I would like the grey to be blue so can anyone advise how to change the grey to blue. Many thanks.

  • Quote:Http://www.youtube.com/embed/0ilMx7k7mso


    That will be Sky then - they will only think about helping if you are willing to dismantle you set and move to the other side of the house so they can tick the box on their check list. Even when they know the fault is on the line.
  • Oh dear, hope he had some back up kit and good insurance.

    I was at a wedding at the weekend where the photographer was taking pics of the bride in a white dress up against a white brick wall. Mind you the photographer turned up with an entry level camera and kit lens, with no flash or other kit. As it was a grim day you could hear how slow the shutter was clicking and as the camera was hand held. Will be interesting to see the results.

  • Don't be daft enough to use admin as a username. Simples. Also worth using a stealth redirect to hide your login and have a back up.
  • I know his pain. Yrs ago I bought a Ren 18 and it came with rust from new and leaked oil quicker than you could put it in. I vowed near to have another Ren but I bought a second hand Laguna from a family member as I knew its history and it seemed ok. How wrong was i, The air con would stall the engine, the camshaft was knackered and the suspension collapsed on me and cost a fortune to put right. When I traded it in the garage could not get it to start after a couple of days. I also had to put a starter motor in it and the key cards were nothing but trouble. Both from electric windows failed and as I could not put the air con on as the car would stall it was like a hot house on one of out rare sunny days. The tyre pressure sensors were also crap. Never ever will I buy another one.
  • Good luck with parking - it cost me 20 for 4 hrs a couple of weeks back.
  • My view would be that you do not need a degree but you do need experience, a good portfolio and an excellent business capability. For some professions a degree in the subject is essential such as being a Dr but not for lots of other things such as photography. A degree course will give you a good opportunity to learn your skill and make contacts etc but you do have to balance that with the cost. I would guess that lots of established photographers do not have a photography degree and most of their business comes from the quality of their work. I don't think many people ask their photographer to see their degree qualification.

  • You might want to give some thought to cookie law http://www.aboutcookies.org/default.aspx?page=3
  • Are you happy with your current kit and does it deliver what you want. If so, why change it.
  • Beth Hart