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Welcome to my page! Photography, a way of life

We choose the way we live, as we choose each photo we take.

As a photographer I seek to show people the world they cannot see.

I also want to show people what they see every day with their eyes and not with their hearts, just by taking time to explore, compose and express what I feel.

I cannot stop the time, I can only capture the scene and go back in time every time I see it.
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A quick view of RazvanD's recent activity.

  • HDR Came back with another picture, i`ve been missing out lately

    Thanks for the kind comments it`s really nice to come back to ephotozine after a break...i`ve just been so busy doing my usual day job and photography on the side i sometimes feel like it`s becoming a part time job, but i love taking pictures so i can`t complain. Thanks for following
    • 19 Jul 2013 11:57PM
  • Rutland Water, sunset

    Fantastic picture, well seen and composed.

    • 19 Jul 2013 4:19PM
  • The Shard

    Nice to see it finished, like the angle take it you were a bit further away at 35mm and base is till not included. Kinda tall
    The Shard
    • 19 Jul 2013 4:17PM
  • Cycles Of Time

    Really nice picture, great composition and exposure. That light is amazing!

    • 13 Apr 2013 7:32PM
  • James Ellison - Milwaukee Yamaha

    Really nice picture,i like how you filled in the frame. Brilliant! He won a round didn`t he!? Can`t wait for Oulton Track!

    • 9 Apr 2013 8:25PM
  • Robin

    Focusing is off on the second...but still like it
    • 7 Apr 2013 9:35PM
  • BSB superbike testing

    Nice picture , well taken. Been following Big Ed on facebook for a while to get updates.
    • 21 Mar 2013 5:53PM
  • Very nice travel pictures, i like the one titled "beach volley" great tonal range and very well caught.

  • Very nice portfolio, enjoyed looking at the pictures. Great work!

    • Posted on netz's profile
    • 2 Jan 2013 3:55PM
  • Very nice portfolio, enjoyed viewing it! Will subscribe to get notif when you upload, great work!

    Happy New Year and best of wishes!

  • Really like your portfolio great work and keep up. Happy new year!
  • Very nice portfolio. Great work!

  • Amazing portfolio! Great work.
    • Posted on fazzer's profile
    • 13 May 2012 11:46AM
  • A great showcase ,all powerful landscapes.
    • Posted on mattw's profile
    • 14 Dec 2011 7:52PM
  • Very well composed landscapes i like them all.