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Welcome to my page! Photography, a way of life

We choose the way we live, as we choose each photo we take.

As a photographer I seek to show people the world they cannot see.

I also want to show people what they see every day with their eyes and not with their hearts, just by taking time to explore, compose and express what I feel.

I cannot stop the time, I can only capture the scene and go back in time every time I see it.
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  • Commented on 'Canvas- Acrylic or Aluminium ?'

    Thank yoy everyone for the feedback, very much appreciated. I want to start selling them in the future as i have certain friends that think they could buy some of my photos and as i don`t know much about it i thoght i could use some advice.
    • 18 Oct 2011 9:27PM
  • Commented on 'Canvas- Acrylic or Aluminium ?'

    Welcome Alvin.
    • 12 Oct 2011 6:02PM
  • Commented on 'Canvas- Acrylic or Aluminium ?'

    Thank you for the suggestion, i will look into it.

    • 10 Oct 2011 7:42PM
  • Commented on 'Canvas- Acrylic or Aluminium ?'

    Hello everyone!
    I want to start printing my best photos and i don`t know what seems to look best because i haven`t seen it all.

    What i know is when it comes to portraits , canvas looks amazing.

    Now for the landscapes and still, macro... is there any way to avoid the case when the delivery arrives and you say: It looks good but i think i should have chosen a different print.

    Should i visit some exibitions?

    Thank you!

    • 9 Oct 2011 11:19AM