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A quick view of redhed17's recent activity.

  • Ghostly

    I don't normally comment, but started looking at pics from a discussion in the Forum. If you didn't post for critique then I apologise.

    It's a classic view in Venice, and one I have done many times in the past, and maybe one or two more times in the future. Wink

    What I find disappointing is the pole partially covering the tower. When I have done this view I have always attempted to get the tower and the front entrance of San Giorgio Maggiore clear of the poles covering. I know it is sometimes not easy with the placing of the poles, and one view which may have worked previously may not work the next visit as the poles get replaced. Having the tower clear, and the lantern pole visible from this location, being of similar design/shape, links the two locations in my mind.

    You have nice amount of movement in the Gondolas. And it was also good to not include the steps down to water imho, as sometimes they can be at an angle that makes the scene look 'not level'.

    Again, hope you don't mind, but Venice is my favourite place in the world and so wanted to comment.
    • 15 Nov 2018 10:19PM
  • View from the Rialto

    Hello, this just popped up as the 'Featured e2 Photo, and seeing as Venice is one of my favourite places, and no one has commented, I thought I would.

    This doesn't work for me as a panoramic. Firstly, it's not the right scene for it, imho. This is more suited to the normal 3x2, or even a square crop. Well done for a good stitching job though.

    It's too busy in the corners. Many delivery boats cut on the left, and a water taxi just cut on the right. Things have to look deliberately cut, not accidentally or carelessly cut. Best to try not to cut significant things at all if can though. Wink

    The boat in the centre is too close to the bottom for me. If things look like they are moving, it is generally a good idea to give them space in the scene to potentially 'move into'.

    It would have been nice to see some more sky, or at least space because the sky looks like it would be blown out, above the buildings on the left. Things close to the edge of the frame draw the eye because we expect space around things. How much? Until it looks 'right'.

    If you disagree, that's fine with me, but I hope you take this in the manner it was intended, to help. It's just one persons opinion after all. Smile
    • 16 Sep 2014 10:53PM
  • Uruguay Bridge.

    Excellent colours.

    Well done. Smile
    • 29 Jan 2009 6:33PM
  • Resting

    Very good moody image.

    Well done.
    • 29 Jan 2009 6:29PM
  • Patterned Wheel 2

    Thanks for the comments mollye and again keelo5022. Smile

    I chose this angle as it was the only position where the legs holding the wheel hid both blue spotlights. It also gave a nice blue slash of colour, which was lucky.

    Happy New Year to both of you, and anyone else who is having a look. Smile
    • 1 Jan 2007 2:40PM
  • Patterned Wheel 1

    Thanks for the kind comment Keelo5022. Smile
    You have a stunning set of pictures in your
    gallery. Well done to you.

    I'll have a couple of alternatives over the next couple of days if you'd like to see the variety in the patterns.
    • 29 Dec 2006 3:03AM
  • Ferris wheel in rain

    Very nice picture. I haven't been able to get to the wheel when it has been raining, and then the German Market turned up, which totally messed up the foreground. lol

    I went with the intention of doing long exposures at 1st, but found that 1-3 second exposures gave the wheel some amazing patterns with the lights. And every exposure is different. I will upload some pics after Christmas.

    Well done.
    • 25 Dec 2006 2:59AM

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