GB Sports Photographer & The Panasonic LUMIX S1



Advice is always welcome, and so are compliments Wink please be honest and constructive, im here to learn Grin thanks guys!
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A quick view of redjoker's recent activity.

  • The zoo

    yep thats the desired effect, in fact it was taken yesterday
    • 22 Aug 2008 7:52PM
  • eye witness news

    love. it. the contrast is fab, suits mono so well, and nice to see it without all those ugly cars Smile
    • 14 Aug 2008 6:02PM
  • Evie

    its a her but thanx guys Grin
    • 3 Aug 2008 9:50PM
  • I will survive

    v1 for me, love the name where it is, gives it something extra without being overpowering
    • 30 Jul 2008 8:19AM
  • Dereliction

    love the mono, bet it looks brilliant large
    • 30 Jul 2008 12:03AM
  • Monday night challenge

    ive ended it with a rushed image!lol i dont think he knew he had to end it
    • 28 Jul 2008 9:35PM
  • Cotton End Sunset

    i agree on the crop, more focus on the sky that way, bet it looks brilliant large
    • 23 Jul 2008 9:09PM
  • Your Pf is one of my personal favourites, i love the mood you create in your shots, and the character of the people you shoot, im always nicely surprised by what i find here, you really do have a nack for this photography lark Smile

    Meg x
    • Posted on sketch's profile
    • 21 Jun 2008 6:58PM
  • i Honestly think you have made a noticeable improvement, shots sre getting better and better each day, hope you like the D40

    Meg x
  • this is an amazing portfolio, its rare for me to like images as much as i do these, your colours and compositions are spot on

    cant wait to see some more work,

    this gives me great inspiration

  • love you PF mostly the animal shots

    Thankyou for your commments on my PF, much

    • Posted on simont's profile
    • 9 May 2008 12:49PM
  • love your PF especially the animal/widelife images, animals are my main passion so id love to improve these type of shots

    Love it Grin
  • wow amazing Pf, seeing as uve offered to look at mine its only fair i look at yours, amazing, especially love the north western halls one in liverpool Grin

    now these are the sorts of shots i'll be working hard to be able to take...

    one day..(maybe)
    • Posted on newy17's profile
    • 4 May 2008 5:18PM
  • love the pf, most of all the beach potos, would love to see some more like that!

    ill be back soon

    megan xx

    p.s chuffed, altho a strange word just means happy lol