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Advice is always welcome, and so are compliments Wink please be honest and constructive, im here to learn Grin thanks guys!
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  • thought id pop in

    Hi everyone! I realised today that i havent taken a photograph in over 4 months!! and havent visited this site in about 3! Since having to leave Manchester ive lost all my passion for photography and have neglected this site and my membership,...

    20 Jan 2009 11:15PM | Read


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  • :(

    I feel blue anyone want to pity me and make me smile? :)

    15 Sep 2008 9:15PM | Read


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  • Yum

    I have just had my chickpea, spinach and potato curry and im rather proud of myself! it was delicious and i made it completely from scratch, no recipe or anything! still lots left so i may have to have some more in a minute, good job its 100% fat ...

    3 Jul 2008 7:19PM | Read


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  • Wimbledon

    After yesterdays annoyance i've calmed down a bit.... Got another letter today saying my loan had been reassessed because Manchester bloody university had told them id left in January, hence why i have to give some money back, they still made me p...

    3 Jul 2008 12:15PM | Read


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  • argh im so annoyed!!!!!!!!

    I need to vent my anger, my mum has just called me saying student loans have sent me a letter saying they want an immediate payment of 250 quid as they accidentally overpaid me how can they do that! ergh i have to ring them now and get all angr...

    2 Jul 2008 4:15PM | Read


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  • I'm Back!

    Hoora! wasn't gone long, and didn't take many pictures.. well that's a lie i took lots of my cousins baby, turns out i accidentally deleted all of them though...annoyed is not the word!!!!! took some still life shots to make it up to myself but...

    2 Jul 2008 11:47AM | Read


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  • Kent

    Off to kent tomorrow until next monday so no ephoto for a week! and non of my wonderful blogs to read! will you survive? i think so but its ok ill be back! lol gunna take the camera because i know if i dont ill be kicking myself all week, il...

    23 Jun 2008 9:28PM | Read


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  • photoshop

    Right, i have a plan, i have a lot of spare time at the moment so im going to do something with it im going to learn Photoshop and become at least half decent at it I've tried so many times and just given up because it totally confuses me but i...

    22 Jun 2008 1:38PM | Read


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  • To read or not to read?

    I feel like i say this everyday, perhaps because i do, but i havent done much today! watched some royal Ascot this afternoon, picked lots of losing horses i might add, just like to watch it because of them really, if i won millions id buy a horse...

    21 Jun 2008 6:02PM | Read


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  • Friday at last!

    Woke up to 11 today, bit better i think! just been looking through ebay as we are selling a few things, (including the Sony Cybershot!!!) as my boyfriend wants to buy ( well already has brought) a Nintendo Wii.... going flat shopping again tomorro...

    20 Jun 2008 12:31PM | Read


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  • another day..

    Didn't wake up till 1 today, call me lazy i don't care, think it was something to do with a rather disturbing dream i was having about being taken hostage, next thing i new id woken up and missed This Morning... anyway, had my weetabix and checked...

    18 Jun 2008 2:10PM | Read


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  • Another day Another sneezing fit

    Trying to battle with the hay fever today, ive had to shut all windows till the tablets kick in lol May have to go to the doctor and get something stronger, if only i wasn't extremely scared of needles... not alot to do today so i thought id go ou...

    17 Jun 2008 10:43AM | Read


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  • MNC

    Im about to host my first Monday night Challenge ive thought carefully about it but im really worried people are going to think its a rubbish theme...andf no one will upload! argh! bit to late now i suppose, ill just have to make sure i dont w...

    16 Jun 2008 7:16PM | Read


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  • Meet

    Went to Manchester to the meet today and loved it, got some great candid B&W shots just like i wanted and for once im really pleased with my images, still got alot to look through but im hoping to find a few more i like too the images i took today...

    15 Jun 2008 10:38PM | Read


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  • Manchester

    Not done much today really, just a lazy day with my boyfriend as he works all week, had chinese for dinner *threw the diet out of the window* and watched abit of football.... Anyway its the Manchester meet tomorrow (go on come:D) lol Hoping to ...

    14 Jun 2008 7:06PM | Read


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