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Welcome! Come on in and look around. With any luck you might see something you like!. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated as it is through conversation and sharing that we grow.
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  • Complete NOOB question

    Strobe is a derived from 'stroboscopic' which is a fast repeating pulse of light used scientifically for freezing fast movement of something such as a bullet. It's a slig...
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  • "Unique views"

    Perfect, thank you.
    by Relic01 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Lens Questions

    I've only ever shopped at Henry's on ebay; I tried their store online, and the prices weren't that good.
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  • Uploading

    "Is it possible to delete a picture from your portfolio?" Yes, select the image you want to delete and click on the Options button under it. Delete is one of the...
    by Daisymaye | Last Post | Unread
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