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  • Commented on 'Complete NOOB question'

    Thank you everyone. I think I understand now. I appreciate your patience.
    • 13 Jul 2016 11:25PM
  • Commented on 'Complete NOOB question'

    Ok, might be cooler I correct in thinking that one is more 'studio based" (strobe) while the off unit flash is more versatile?
    • 12 Jul 2016 10:29PM
  • Commented on 'Complete NOOB question'

    Would someone please explain the difference between an off camera flash and a strobe?
    • 12 Jul 2016 9:38PM
  • Commented on '"Unique views"'

    perfect, thank you.
    • 29 Jun 2016 2:47PM
  • Commented on '"Unique views"'

    Can anyone please explain the difference between "views" and "Unique views"? Thanks
    • 29 Jun 2016 12:17PM
  • Commented on 'Lens Questions'

    Hmmm.....that is very interesting. I guess more research needed. I also like Henry's (Barrie though)
    • 15 Jun 2016 12:59AM
  • Commented on 'Lens Questions'

    Thank you everyone, I am leaning towards the all rounder 55 200. I am going to read and digest then have an honest conversation with myself, lol. Wanting to do and the reality of life need to be reconciled, lol
    • 13 Jun 2016 4:24PM
  • Commented on 'Lens Questions'

    Sigma and Tamron would be fine, I have the 18-55 and it is a great lens (actually, I am still in awe over the difference between 24 mp and the Fuji Finepix I had before, stunned every time lol). I am leaning towards the 18-200 or 55-200. I would like to try portraits but also still have a desire to do the landscapes etc I have been doing. While I know that a "good all around lens" is never as good as a specific lens for a specific task, I need to go for versatility. My budget is approx 150-300 CDN tops. Used is acceptable as well.
    • 13 Jun 2016 11:14AM
  • Commented on 'Lens Questions'

    Great Image but due to budget, would like one that is good for portraits and has some reach.
    • 13 Jun 2016 12:35AM
  • Commented on 'Lens Questions'

    I am looking to get anew lens. What is the favored lens 70-300mm or 18=200mm the camera is a Nikon d5200.
    • 12 Jun 2016 11:17PM
  • Commented on 'Uploading '

    Is it possible to delete a picture from your portfolio?
    • 27 May 2015 2:06PM