Hi, thanks for taking the time to view my images, I hope you like what you see! I'm pretty new to photography so all feedback - good or bad - is very welcome.
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A quick view of RFphotography's recent activity.

  • View from Stanage

    A classic view from stanage edge! Nice clouds too Paul, must relook at some of mine in b & w.
    • 1 Apr 2011 12:44AM
  • Infinite Skies

    Blimey Doug, Sometime since you were last on here - and boy what a comeback!!!
    • 5 Jan 2011 1:54PM
  • Rushing in

    I'm recoiling with the efects of the speed. It's fantastic, thanks for posting

    • 16 Jun 2010 7:55PM
  • Caisteal Abhail, setting sun

    Loveley light Fran, a beautiful scene well captured.


    • 12 Jun 2010 5:28PM
  • Sunset at Poolsbrook Park

    Nice soft tones buddy. Composition is good too.
    • 16 May 2010 9:59PM
  • Spurn Point Sunrise

    Cheers Andy.
    • 13 May 2010 8:13PM
  • Bamburgh Swirls

    WOW, a castle in the clouds. Stunning capture! I'm up there in two weeks, cant wait.
    • 13 May 2010 8:13PM
  • Steve, it was a pleasure meeting you also on Stanage the other night. You have a stunning PF here.

    I must check out that Hawthorn Tree sometime soon, will be pestering you for the location.

    Great work and keep on shooting!
    • Posted on Steve-T's profile
    • 26 Apr 2010 9:44PM
  • Hi Brian, you have a stunning PF here! Iots of inspiration to be had so ive added you to my favorites. Keep up the good work.
  • Great PF Andy, some lovely sunsets there! Keep up the good work.
    • Posted on andylea's profile
    • 2 Sep 2009 9:47PM
  • You have a stunning PF yourself Joline! much inspiration to be had from these images.
    • Posted on Joline's profile
    • 1 Sep 2009 4:00PM
  • A great PF Sarah, would love to be able to get shots of my kids like this. You have a great tallent.
  • Hi Richard, Congrats on a top class PF! Just added you to my favorites list as there is lots of inspiration to be had from looking at your images.
    Well done
  • Stunning PF Chris, just added you to my "favorites" as your PF gives me so much inspiration! Hoping i can get results close to yours one day.

    Regards Rob
    • Posted on chris-p's profile
    • 26 Aug 2009 8:52PM
  • WOW, Ian this is a fantastic PF you certainly have an artistic flair!! Keep them coming.
  • A stunning PF Trevor, ill keep a close eye on it for future updates.