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Ever since childhood I've loved taking pictures. The end result is never quite what I hoped for - sometimes I think it would be better not to have a film (or CCD) in the camera and then all my pictures would be forever latent and hence perfect!
For the record, I live in Lancaster and am married to Shonah (who is (fortunately) also keen on photography and acts as excellent advisor).
I prefer working in B&W and am now mainly digital as the "digital darkroom" enables me to portray the subject in so many different ways (good, bad or indifferent!) Doubtless I'll still do some film work especially B&W as it just feels "right" to us old(ish) folk!
A worsening of my health (M.E.) has severely curtailed my picture taking etc so there won't be so many new shots appearing here as before but I'll keep commenting as much as I can!
Thank you to those who have said such kind words in my "Portfolio Comments"!
If anyone would like to email me, please feel free at: with "ePz" in the subject.


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