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Hi all I used to work on this site so hence the semi long standing.
At present I guess I'm a nube with a simple compact.
I hope you enjoy my work and any hints/tips you can give would be nice.
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  • Quote:I never wanted suduko, but i played it, and it was a very useful time passing game...

    Just for you Grin
  • Just to clue you into the Sudoku (from an ex team member). It was made from one of our department (who has also left), but the games were manually imputed and although we tried to stay on top of them creating more week after week after week. It was a little too much, and we would have issues when we forgot.

    So I think when we moved to version 5 (this is currently version 6) We made it so that it would 'make the games' itself so take the trouble away from us. However I think it got axed as did quite a few features, to make the site more streamline and focus on the features that promoted photography.

    Suduko, alas not really a photographic thing. Want suduko .... go to a game site Smile

  • I quite like the idea - also things like a beginners/intermediate/pro gallery might be good.
  • Sounds like a upgrade request it!
  • Hi you might remember me from being the web developer but now I'm just a regular guy!

    Anyway really wanted to try and maybe get a few people up and out if they ever fancy a go at sport photography.
    I guess many will think sport photography that means tickets to some game where I have to get a decent lens - more more etc etc.
    But it (well) may not.........

    There are many sports out there played throughout the year.
    Games such as hockey, cricket, rugby and football all played at a local level.
    Now sometimes the skill level might not be high but if you do a little research into the game and find a fixture or two then you should be able to find yourself at a game for free and hopefully at the end.
    Taken a good few snaps!

    On a personal level I play for doncaster hockey club. and if anyone wanted to come down to watch any of our games and take some pictures then I'm sure it will be fine.
    I would stay clear of too much flash so not to disrupt but aside from that I'm sure there are some good pictures to be had.

    Maybe get in touch before you turn up to any venue just to be on the safe side!
    Also check that they have spectator facilities!
  • Not too sure about that.
    Over the years we have become more educated - take the 1700's most people in England wouldn't be going to school or be able to read or write.
    Now it's a skill that most have in our society.

    So we have become more educated over the years - or maybe the gap is widening? Between the Steven Hawking's of this world and the people at the other end.
  • Yeah, that's right.
  • I would stick with a desktop - the chances are that you will save some money on monitors, keyboard mouse and speakers - as well as anything extra you might have.

    With the trouble you have had in the past have you thought about a mac - they do run very well like for years and years and might be worth the extra money if you have it (food for thought) mmmm

  • Quote:I was being facetious - I know who you are. You helped me out a couple of times.
    Good luck for the future. Smile

    Ah right - I wasn't too sure from the emoticon. I thought I must have helped you out along the way at some point!
  • I was part of the ePHOTOzine team for the last 5 years working on the web development side.

    Although you saying who - means that I did my job right! Grin I'm like the masked crusader helping when I'm needed making the site work and just being an already goody!Wink
  • It's been a great time with you all.
    But like I said this isn't the end and I'll still be around hopefully improving my photography.
  • Thanks for all the feedback.
  • Hello everybody this is a bit of a difficult topic to start with but basically I'm leaving the ePHOTOzine team.
    I'm starting a new job in Eggbrough (up the A1 from Doncaster)

    It's been great to be part of the team over the past years and I've enjoyed it but feel the time is time to move on to pastures new.

    I hope over the years I've helped in support and have enjoyed building upon this fine site.
    I'll still be on the site and with any luck will have time to revisit my portfolio and clean it up and make it to something I want to!

    It's been a pleasure, but the time is right.

    Keep clicking!
  • Hi we have a machine in the office which we installed a windows 8 preview - I loved the new windows 7 start menu with the browse but can't get my head around the new start menu. Maybe I just need time.
    I do need a new machine my home one is getting a little past it's sell by date!

    Slightly off topic I tried Umbuto the linux brand - it can fit onto a USB pen - is free and really quite good.
    Comes with libre office - the free office version seesm quite quick and easy to get you head around.
    You can make a usb pen and then boot off it with a trial for free!
  • I would say that any backup service that is provided is normally pretty good.
    It's because they will do more than one backup in more than one location.
    So you should something happen to one location they will always be able to get your information back.

    The USB solution is still quite a good one and is simple to manage.
    It's also just handy and quick as well and you can backup something somewhere else and bring it all back.
    It's also a on off cost.
    Cause if you have a fire at home most probably stuffed!
    With the USB solution you also need some software - (which I bet you can get for free) to do you backups.

    With the online backup a wager google will prob do a free one sooner or later - seems like they are doing it all now!
  • Yeah but why add in a larger image to an image where it isn't the larger.
    Sorry that doesn't make much sense.

    Why add an large image of say a fly to an image of a landscape. If the large didn't exist.
    There just isn't any gain there.

    Does that make sense?
  • Well I guess the same applies to the adult tag, tags in general.

    In the end this is the Internet we can try regulate and check things out but there are liers and mistakes around.

    We have some people who upload other peoples photos which breaks copyright law how do you stop them?

    I could write a blog about anything that could be just complete fiction but what would I gain - that's the key to it all.
  • Well, we would
    a) Hope for peoples honesty
    b) Check the image sizes are the same ratio.
    Also we would hope for a report should there be a mistake/abuse.
    What would people gain by doing it wrong?
  • No not at all - Pete is saying that if a photo has no large photo then you can 'fill that gap' so to speak and I concur.

    What we are against is the changing the image to another.
    Either a different version or otherwise.

    I hope that helps clarify.
  • Hi guys, just reading this and I do remember when we first released the version gallery and you could change the first version (the main photo).
    People had trouble with it and wondering what they had commented/voted on was it the photo was it the versions. If the main photo got changed then would the comments make sense. The trouble goes on and on.
    So hence we stopped it and now you can just reorder the versions.

    Uploading a large version if there isn't one available is ok but replacing images isn't something that we will do because of the comments, votes etc.

    Looking at some of the comments now with the versions they say they like v2 or v3 - or maybe say something about one of the versions specifically so maybe we should go one step further and after a while not be able to rotate the order of versions just add to then end.

    I think that's where we would stand with the option in the office.

    Having said all that thanks for the discussion and cheers for the feedback.
  • Hi Chris, that was brought in the first stages of v4 I think so that people could make there showcase if they had upgraded.
    Now with the unlimited uploads to your portfolio this was no longer required (as you can set those as showcase photos).
    Also it cause some confusion with quite a few members so we removed the feature.

    So it's just 1 a day to the gallery - because of the flooding and overloading nature that you have said.
    But unlimited to your portfolio - well not quite you are limited by space - non e2 is 50MB and e2 is 500MB a month.
    So there you go.

  • Quote:I'm off to the St Ledger at Docaster! Would love to take the camera but copious amounts of Champange could put it at risk!

    I'm from Donny!

    - I'm buying my daughters first cot! and getting a quote on a new vanity unit for my bathroom.
  • Hi I think you have solved it yourself but just so you know.
    I think in you made the text white in the editor which you don't need to as the sites default colour is already white.
    Then in picture 1 you highlighted the text which displays it by highlighting it in blue.
    When you click to edit the highlight is removed and the text looks like it's gone.

    The solution (which I think you figured) is to remove the colour white.

    Hope that helps.
  • Just got a reply from our guys - they say that it might be a ISP issue.
    They want to know are you using a '3G dongle'?
  • Thanks for the report, just given this a go myself and no trouble.
    I'll look further and submit to our backroom boys - but looks ok.
  • I got a lexmark once an early one - the printers were cheap and rubbish!
    I bought a small HP machine and never looked back.
    Not great for photos but for my Major Project and Uni was fine!
  • Yeah, there was a problem with the server which is why the slow down occured - they rebooted the server but for some reason the program that does the searches and works out the popular tags wasn't started but it has been now.
    Thanks as always for your patience.