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rhousham's Blog


Hi all I used to work on this site so hence the semi long standing.
At present I guess I'm a nube with a simple compact.
I hope you enjoy my work and any hints/tips you can give would be nice.
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  • When does a site get too big?

    Does anyone think that some sites are too big. Like a few weeks ago an error happened on facebook and also on endsliegh insurance. I reported the insurance one but never got an email back. Well only a generic one and even then it was broke!. It feels...0

    9 Oct 2008 2:40PM  |  Read


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  • Holidays!.

    The holiday season is coming round and I was wondering if anyone knows of any nice locations?. For like under 550. Am I giving away how much I get paid;) So any ideas guys. I was thinking of places in the south of france,spain, or even that bit ...0

    17 Jun 2008 9:14AM  |  Read


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  • New Blog Released

    *comment Dave made this new blog thing. You can do bold italics a quote and a link to his blog. Any comments .....................:) ;) As per usual my account is a testing ground .............. * comment1 **comment 2 *** comment...0

    12 Jun 2008 9:45AM  |  Read


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