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A quick view of Rhythm's recent activity.

  • Sunset by Rickochet

    • 13 May 2005 7:12AM
  • Below the shark by Rhythm

    "In my opinion, this needs to be a lot sharper. The thumbnail looks awesome, I'll say that much.."

    You're right and I wish I'd have had more time with it. It's already gone through some serious noise reduction as the lighting underneath that tank was poor to say the least. I *may* try some more enhancement, but I think it's about as sharp as it's going to get
    • 25 Apr 2005 8:00AM
  • Monolith by PatrickSmith

    Lovely colours! As per Lucien, great detail too.
    • 25 Apr 2005 6:49AM
  • Mossy falls by Rhythm

    Cheers for the comments - I may play with this further. It was handheld and as such I knew it wouldn't come out perfect, but I'll tweak and see if it can be improved
    • 20 Feb 2005 7:27AM
  • Bears at play by Rhythm

    Thank you very much for your kind comments already. This picture was actually a pleasure to take - the bears put on a cracking "show" for us as we caught them during their play session.
    • 28 Jan 2005 6:56AM
  • A Misty Morning by katieb

    Nice solid reflection, great subtle colouring. I like!

    • 30 Nov 2004 9:39AM

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