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I work in customer support at a large DIY chain here in the UK.

I finally made my mind up about either buying a good SLR digital camera or an Mamiya RB67 and went for the RB67.

I really like the way it forces me to use a tripod and to think about what I'm photographing and not just snap away.

I ike loading the film as it's a mechanical process, in fact the whole thing is... and no batteries to die on me at an awkward moment.

I've recently bought a Nikon F3 with an MD-4 drive and a Nikon F4s which has the MB-21 drive. These are cameras I'd always dreamed of owning and now due to digital they are very, very affordable.

Now moved on to a Nikon D3 and a few Nikkor lenses to go with it.

Am very pleased with the results it gives but I still yearn to get my RB67 out now and then.


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