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  • God shuffled his feet.

    Surreal image!Smile
    • 6 Jan 2015 6:51PM
  • Tin Worship Remains

    Rust in Peace Smile

    It brings back memories. We used to have one like this near where I used to live, I believe that they were prefabricated buildings originally made to be sent out to 'The Colonies' It's nickname was the Tin-Tab, short for the Tin Tabernacle
    • 29 Nov 2012 8:16PM
  • Farne Island Tern

    Wildlife isn't my usual thing but this is stunning!
    • 3 Oct 2012 9:18PM
  • Alvis

    Great processing, just that bit different to the usual
    • 3 Oct 2012 9:10PM
  • Vikings

    Made me smile Smile Like it!
    • 1 Oct 2012 7:34PM
  • A Willful Loss of Memory

    Very powerful image!
    • 16 Aug 2012 7:53PM

    Looks like an old 'rag and chain' pump, these are usually sited over a borehole.

    There was a continuous chain with rags tied every foot or so, the handle turned the chain which dipped the rags in the well water, the wet rags then passed through a couple of rollers that squeezed the water out of the rags so it ran down the chute on the right. Not very efficient but then labour was cheap in those days...
    • 7 Jun 2012 8:33PM

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