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A quick view of richglist's recent activity.

  • Dalek Portrait by richglist

    Thanks for the comments Smile

    If you fancy recreating this picture this web site may help
    • 12 Feb 2006 12:56AM
  • Fur Hood by richglist

    the eyes are the natural colour, but i think all that black and white makes them look a bit false.

    • 18 Jan 2006 5:51AM
  • Cross by richglist

    thanks for the comments so far. I have to admit i had real problems with the shadow... any one have any tips?
    as for the chains not being attached to any thing, well the rain had stopped, and well you know how it is...
    • 16 Sep 2005 4:05AM
  • Take a Bow by keithh

    Really good and really original a well deserved EC award
    • 9 Jan 2004 3:14PM
  • Clock by richglist

    Thanks for your comments
    Lighting was a big problem because the face of the clock is reflective. In the end i bounced a flash of a large sheet of card, and using a shutter speed of half a second, the ambient light was used to blur the pendulum.
    I agree 6 o'clock would work well
    • 19 Nov 2003 5:17PM
  • Face by richglist

    Thanks for all your comments.

    I try not to edit my images too much in paint shop pro. For this image all i did was go to the histogram window and bring down the upper level. This has the effect of removing most of the detail in the lighter areas.
    Give it a go, you need to start off with an image with good shadows

    • 11 Nov 2003 4:42PM
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