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A quick view of RichWK's recent activity.

  • Moon by irsan

    Interesting shot, maybe cropping the tree(?) out of the right hand of the frame would help. Looks like a nice sharp shot of the moon though. I know how difficult it can be, I've made a few attempts myself!
    • 13 Sep 2006 2:57PM
  • Lisianthus the 4th. by DolphinLady

    Beautiful, although it's obviously photoshopped it's been done sympathetically. Great colours and a graceful composition. Going to try something similar now!
    • 13 Sep 2006 3:00PM
  • Sunset on the slopes by Miss_Hodgie

    Lovely warm sunset. Good luck finding your feet, they're always in the last place you look!
    • 13 Sep 2006 3:08PM
  • Faversham Boat Yard by Miss_Hodgie

    Good use of black and white, makes the building look very mysterious!
    • 7 Sep 2006 9:57AM
  • Moon by RichWK

    Thanks for the postive comments guys. Full moon tomorrow night so I should have a few more shots to bore you with!
    • 6 Sep 2006 10:38AM
  • Vertigo by RichWK

    oops, you're right - it was taken from the Hancock tower, not the Sears tower. Apologies!
    • 18 Jul 2006 8:44AM
  • HIGH AND DRY by nemosub

    I'd like to see this in black and white with a curves tweak to sort out the contrast; those clouds are very dramatic. Maybe crop a little from the right as well?
    • 21 Apr 2006 2:21AM
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