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  • The Athlete!

    My take on it was that it was particularly good precisely because we could not see her feet or the ground, as this would have taken away the feeling of space and cleanliness, it would have given a sense of place, which is refreshing in its absence.
    That then almost demanded some of her tail out of frame or she would merely have looked legless - I see the composition as very dynamic, energetic, balanced, modern, effective, intriguing, clean and simple.
    • 26 Feb 2008 8:41PM

    Hi Folks

    Hope u r all having fun with your tools, cameras, etc...

    now where is the blessed prize banner?? any site staff about???

    • 4 Feb 2008 8:25PM
  • Autumn

    Your patience was well rewarded; particularly like the movement and shapes echoing each other between sky and trees. Converging verticals seem to suit the surreal feel, too. Would look just as good without brown line frame, IMO

    • 1 Nov 2007 8:56PM
  • SILENCY...

    I like the composition and tones, though, as ever, prefer no framing (that's just me !)...really like the effect of mist, dewy cobwebs, deail.

    • 1 Nov 2007 8:43PM
  • dry dock

    Like the low contrast and pastel effect ...think it is reminiscent of old seaside watercolours or postcards and adds pathos. Makes it quite painterly, which I nearly always like. (Andy: Not to say your high contrast seascapes don't work very well in a different way Smile )
    • 27 Oct 2007 11:41AM
  • More joy!

    They are happy, yep! I think they were probably watching the Ball, Robert.

    Thanks for your comments!
    • 22 Oct 2007 8:02PM
  • afternoon light in the wood

    This works for me, deceptive, subtle, underwater feel, thanks for posting it.

    • 21 Oct 2007 7:31PM
  • eyes down!

    Your wallpaper looks great on ePz babe...nothing could be finer than to be Carol's diner...they make that nice macro for Nikon fit, you know
    • 21 Oct 2007 7:10PM
  • By the park

    I like the treatment, emphasises the leaves and textures. As others have mentioned you are getting light wrap on some of the leaves from the bright sky.
    I feel the title and especially the font distract my attention from the image, but clicking for the image Smile
    • 19 Oct 2007 7:19PM
  • Lillian

    This says it as it is...(having lived in Shetland for many years I can attest to the bruck and rubbish that piles up on otherwise unspoilt shores) and I like it for that (though I am not too fussed about frames and titles).
    • 19 Oct 2007 7:10PM
  • Shaggy Inkcaps everywhere, a good year for writers

    Thanks guys...seems like a good year for froot n fungus. We have a bunch of these inkcaps at the moment... thanks Ruthy, I liked the cobweb too...I don't think it picks up on the Canon shots Wink

    PS ...only have til 7.30, have to catch up or I am consigned to the hot stove!! Sad
    • 19 Oct 2007 7:06PM
  • boring.......

    Hey c'mon guys....I can't cook y'know...Juddie, I keep telling ya, the back one is well gone, stop down!! Tongue
    • 19 Oct 2007 7:00PM
  • My Name is Slim Shady ......

    Can't help with species but like the uncluttered dark background, looks great... was it evening as it looks a little warm in colour? or maybe that's just my eyes Smile

    • 19 Oct 2007 6:53PM
  • Sherbet Fizz

    I like the lighting, make-up and colours, nice n crisp too.
    • 19 Oct 2007 6:48PM
  • Padley Gorge

    Great sense of presence and dynamics from the low angle and comp and colours well balanced. ^click

    • 19 Oct 2007 6:34PM
  • twilite

    I like the saturation, foreground interest and clouds...agree with Mike re. the horizon which is a prime requirement

    • 19 Oct 2007 6:25PM
  • turning left!

    Jess is a lovely, vibrant god..er..,..dog, and this really captures her...though you know I always thought this would be better if sharp Tongue . Can we have some more of Annie too?
    • 26 Sep 2007 9:10PM
  • Sunday morning

    Welcome to the wonderful world of EPZ J!

    Love the lighting in that greenhouse Wink

    nice one

    • 22 Sep 2007 8:50PM
  • Elegant

    Although generally this has been thought out, I am afraid I can't agree about the model...her eyes look dark rimmed as if recently crying or too many late nights, and I am not sure if the background crumples quite work for me...but hey, lots of effort. Maybe it would work better for me if it were low key to enhance sultriness.
    • 5 Nov 2004 11:38AM
  • Dream a little

    Excellent composition, props, make up, colour etc for me, but spoiled by what I think is camera shake...possibly subject movement, reather than soft focus as mentioned by Steffi
    • 5 Nov 2004 11:49AM
  • Young Does

    Thank you for all your comments, folks. It was a very misty day, Ade, so the sky was nonexistent!Smile
    • 13 Nov 2004 1:43PM
  • Romanesque

    Nice fractal marmalade, Funk. Smile ^
    • 2 Nov 2004 11:49PM
  • Young Stag

    Thanks for your kind comments, I was miffed at the time that I could not get the angle to include his feet!
    Last Sunday was a misty, dullish day in the Shropshire borders, but with, thankfully, enough downlight to give shape.
    • 2 Nov 2004 11:31PM
  • Rhubarb?

    Great sense of fun, character and movement. Well captured. ^
    • 2 Nov 2004 11:34PM
  • Montgomery Church from Montgomery Castle

    Thanks for your comments, folks. Smile
    • 13 Nov 2004 1:44PM
  • Worth Matravers, Dorset

    Nice shot on a nice day.
    Hope you stopped for home-made pasties and a pint of ringwood with charlie and sarah at Sq & compass ! Wink
    • 29 Oct 2004 9:20PM
  • Last Daisy #12,678

    Thanks for the comments. There is a panel fence and a flower border because it was taken in situ in the garden, not the studio, and I just used the fact that it was in the shade to lose most of it and a couple of distracting points cloned out. I don't do a lot of this plant/insect close up type thing, so it fun trying it out...shrooms are on the list Wink, though I will have to work very hard to get near some of the excellent shots already on site, K Wink
    • 22 Oct 2004 11:33AM
  • Daddies girl2

    I'm not so worried about the crop, although I prefer the original. But I am pretty sure the lips, nose and eyebrows are the focus point, leaving the eyes slightly behind the focus and therefore not the sharpest point.
    • 18 Oct 2004 10:55PM
  • Lucy

    Grrreat expression, strong colours and contrast.
    Sorry to go against the grain, I don't know if it is my fading sight, my monitor, or what, but it doesn't actually look sharp anywhere to me. Compare with shot of shrooms immediately before this, flip between the two.
    • 18 Oct 2004 10:34PM
  • Standard

    Thanks for your nice comments folks. The 'misty' look is smoke from the cannon fire. While this often frustratingly obscures the subject it also sometimes gives an effective background.
    • 16 Oct 2004 10:30AM